Terms & Conditions of the RentalCover.com Affiliate & Agency Programs


The RentalCover.com Affiliate & Agency Programs allow you to maximize your ancillary revenue. Specifically:

(1) The Affiliate Program enables you to monetize your website or social media by directing traffic to RentalCover.com using a unique affiliate link.
(2) The Agency Program enables you to book rental car insurance on behalf of your customers.  This program is intended for “in-person” transactions, such as a travel agent booking on behalf of his/her client or a rental car supplier offering insurance at the rental desk.

For more information on policy and coverage details, please go to RentalCover.com.

Fees and Payouts1:

The Affiliate/Agent is remunerated by RentalCover.com for successful transactions.

A successful transaction, that shall be compensated, is a booked and completed policy by the user. We do not compensate for canceled policies or policies that have been booked but the trip completion date has not yet occurred.

All commissions are quoted inclusive of Goods and Services Tax (GST).

Important Terms:

“Brand Bidding” on the RentalCover.com trademark or its likeness in any form is strictly prohibited.  For any Affiliates found “Brand Bidding”, we reserve the right to (1) withhold payment from the Affiliate (2) terminate the Affiliate from the platform and (3) invoice the Affiliate for previously paid commissions.

All claims must be made directly by the customer, not by the Affiliate/Agent. 

We reserve the right to change payout fees or structure at our discretion at any time.  

We reserve the right to pay commissions on a ‘net of claims’ basis at our discretion.

Account Suspension & Termination:

We may terminate/suspend/withhold payment from an Affiliate/Agency account upon written notice for any of the following reasons: 

(a) “Brand Bidding” on the RentalCover.com trademark or its likeness in any form.
(b) Higher than industry-average claims rates.
(c) Fraudulent or illegal activity, in particular fraudulent claims. We have an automated fraud monitoring system that detects various patterns of unusual claims behavior. 
(d) Use of the partnership in ways other than those expressly permitted by RentalCover.com and that do not meet the goals of the Affiliate & Agency Programs.

We reserve the right to withhold payments or terminate Affiliates/Agents at any time at our discretion.

1 This payment structure only applies in jurisdictions where permitted by law. Please reach out to us for more information.

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Coverage for vehicles with less than 9 seats (including driver). Excludes luxury/exotic cars.*