I've been involved in a multi vehicle accident. What happens now?

If you are involved in a multi vehicle accident, your rental company will charge you for the damages up to the full amount of your excess until the insurers decide who is at fault and close the case. 

But don't worry, we've got you covered. 

If a third party is at fault, your rental company will refund you the full amount you have been charged for the damage costs. The refund can sometimes take up to 12 months, so because we don't want you to be out of pocket for that long, we will pay you back as soon as you sign a waiver letter, agreeing to refund us the money once you get it back from the rental company.

If you had an accident you can start a claim here. To help speed up the process, please give us as much information as possible, including whether you have shared the other party's details with your rental company. 

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