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  1. 我们保证我们的保单比租车公司便宜50%!
  2. 享受您的行程,又不用担心租车公司对损坏索费太多!
  3. 我们的保单是为每个国家对车辆租赁的独特要求而设。
  4. 事故相关的费用昂贵 - 我们全额支付费用。
  5. 我们的承诺支付者是其中一些全球最知名的保险品牌。
  6. 多车事故可能是复杂的。我们频繁办理所有的保险和马上报销您的损失,使您可以放心 (查看我们的索赔指南)。

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Rental Guide: Destination Asian Countries

  • 如果您的租车预订中未包含车辆碰撞险(CDW)或车损盗抢险(LDW,即车辆碰撞险(CDW)加盗窃险(theft protection)),租车点会为您提供这些保险。您的预订确认单会显示您的订单中是否已包含了车辆碰撞险(CDW)或车损盗抢险(LDW),我们的车辆碰撞险(CDW)概览 可能对您有所帮助。购买了我们的碰撞损坏险(Collision Damage Coverage)的美国居民不需购买车辆碰撞险(CDW)。我们建议其他国家的居民购买租车公司的车辆碰撞险(CDW),但无需购买超级车辆碰撞险(SCDW)(请见下方)。如在确认订单中是否包含了车辆碰撞险(CDW)时需要协助,请您填写下表。车辆碰撞险(CDW)有一笔自付额(在美国称为可减免自付额),金额在€500至€5,000之间;可通过购买超级车辆碰撞险(SCDW)降至€0。
  • 租车点会向您提供一个减免险,称为超级车辆碰撞险(SCDW)、自付额免除险(Excess Waiver)、损坏赔偿责任免除险(Damage Liability Waiver)或其他类似名称。它可将您车辆的自付额从$500-$5000(具体金额取决于租车公司)降至$0。但您无需购买。购买了我们的碰撞损坏险(Collision Damage Coverage)的美国居民不需购买超级车辆碰撞险(SCDW),因为您的保单没有自付额 - 您可先支付车损费用,再先AON申请索赔。对于非美国居民,我们的零自付额租车险(Zero Excess Rental Cover)提供比超级车辆碰撞险(SCDW)更高的保额,但价格仅为后者的一半。 
  • 租车点会向您提供个人意外险(PAI),承保您和您的乘客在意外中遇到的人身伤害。绝大多数旅行保险都包含了个人意外险(PAI),您也可在网上购买此保险(目前RentalCover.com尚未提供此保险)。

Rental Guide: Destination Australia/NZ

Excess Reduction/Excess Waivers in Australia and New Zealand

Rental vehicles in Australia and New Zealand do not have Collision Damage Waivers (CDW). CDW is a policy sold by rental companies elsewhere in the world that reduces the excess that is payable in the event of an accident from the full value of the vehicle towards a lower limit (under AU$5,000, usually). CDW (and Loss Damage Waivers (LDW), which is just CDW plus Theft Protection) is included by default with a rental car (or can otherwise be included at the rental desk) in every country except Australia and NZ. If a renter does not have CDW or LDW in Europe, North America and South America their liability in the event of an accident would be the full value of the car. In Australia/NZ however, there is no CDW/LDW; the default liability (called "standard excess" or "standard liability") is usually somewhere below AU$5,000, although some large motorhomes have an excess of AU$7500.

The excess waivers for this lower amount are similar to Europe.

Third Party Damages

If you are driving a rental vehicle in Australia or New Zealand and you are involved in an accident with another vehicle the following process takes place:

1. If you cause the accident (i.e. you are "at fault") and damage another car

You will have to pay the repair costs for your vehicle (which would be insured by your policy). A small number of motorhome rental companies may also charge you for damages to other vehicles. These "third party damages" are excess charges (i.e. deducted from your credit card) and are insured by your policy. 

2. If you cause an accident and injure the other driver 

If the other driver is injured, the owner of your vehicle (i.e. the rental company) is liable, however the liability is mitigated by compulsory schemes for third party injuries in Australia and New Zealand. This is similar to Europe: the rental company cannot own or rent a car without having third party liability insurance, and as a result, renters do not have any liability (unless you have broken the law). 

In Australia, "third party cover" is provided by a private insurance company, whereas in New Zealand a government insurer called ACC looks after all injuries caused by motor accidents (it is a "no fault" scheme, which means there is no settlement process nor ongoing legal/claim issues for the drivers). 

3. If you did not cause an accident and you are injured 

The liability for your injuries rests with the other driver, who would have the same compulsory insurance that your rental company has for their cars. Your medical costs will be insured by their insurance.


In summary, if an accident occurs:

  • Injuries to drivers of the other car are insured by third party liability insurance. Third party liability cover is compulsorily held by vehicle owners. Drivers of rental vehicles have no liability for the other driver (unless you were breaking the law, e.g. driving under the influence of alcohol/drugs, etc.)
  • Damages to other cars that are charged out of your excess (and usually called "Third Party Damages" on the bill) by the rental company are always insured by
  • Regardless of who is "at fault", you will be required to pay for damages in any single or multi-vehicle accident. reimburses you those costs straight away and if we determine that the rental company would otherwise reimburse you later on, once their insurer successfully claims from the other driver's insurer, we will collect the funds on your behalf. More information will be provided during the Claims process. 
  • Our policies provide coverage to excess payments that you make to the rental company, so of course we provide coverage to third party damages! Whatever is on the final invoice, we pay!
Here is a checklist of what to expect at the rental desk in Australia/NZ and what to say:
  • Most rental companies offer a waiver that is variously titled "Excess Reduction", "Excess Waiver", "Damage Waiver", or something similar.'s "Zero Excess Rental Cover" is a cheap alternative to this waiver and covers all types of accidents and damages.
  • You will not be offered Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) or Loss Damage Waiver (LDW) at the rental desk because - unlike Europe, Asia and the US - the excess for rental vehicles in Australia and NZ is never the full value of the car, it is only somewhere between $500 and $7500, depending on the rental company and vehicle. You will not hear any mention of CDW or LDW
  • You will not be offered Personal Accident Insurance (insures you and your passengers if there is an accident) or Liability Insurance (provides coverage to third party injuries). The former is available to most travellers via their travel insurance policy, and the latter is not required in Australia because car rentals include "third party" liability.
Find out more about what to do at the rental desk in the USA, Canada or the UK/Europe.

Rental Guide: Destination Canada



如果您不确定您的保额,可核实您的订车确认邮件并与租车公司沟通,或向我们寻求帮助,我们很乐意为您服务。您可能也希望阅读我们关于美国租车的常见问题,因为美国跟加拿大的情况很不同,主要是因为美国的租车公司总是免去了自付额,所以发生碰撞时您无需承担自付额,但有其他“自掏腰包”的费用。这些“自掏腰包”的费用受我们的美国和加拿大附加租车保险(Extra Cover)承保。 

补充第三方责任险(SLI) - 第三方



省份 法律要求的第三方责任险(Third Party Cover) 租车公司的补充第三方责任险(SLI)
阿尔伯特 CAD$200,000 CAD$1-2 百万
英属哥伦比亚 CAD$200,000 CAD$1-2 百万
曼尼托巴 CAD$200,000 CAD$1-2 百万
新不伦瑞克 CAD$200,000 CAD$1-2 百万
纽芬兰 CAD$200,000 CAD$1-2 百万
新斯科舍 CAD$500,000 CAD$1-2 百万
安大略 CAD$200,000 CAD$1-2 百万
爱德华王子岛 CAD$200,000 CAD$1-2 百万
魁北克 CAD$50,000 CAD$1-2 百万
萨斯喀彻温 CAD$200,000 CAD$1-2 百万


个人意外险(Personal Accident Insurance)(人身伤害)

个人意外险(PAI)承保您和乘客在租车期间的医疗费用、急救和意外死亡。在加拿大,除纽芬兰和拉布拉多外,各省法律都要求司机购买个人意外险(PAI,也叫意外收益(Accident Benefits)或B类收益(Section B benefits)),但规定保额下限很低(也就几千加元)。因此租车公司可能会提供额外保险(Extra Cover)作为补充,最高保额可达1百万加元,足够承保您或乘客的伤害。

超级车辆碰撞险/车损盗抢险(Super CDW /LDW)

加拿大的租车公司无法免除您全部的碰撞损坏费用(即自付额不为0)时,一些公司可能会提供超级车辆碰撞险/车损盗抢险(Super CDW/LDW)。它们进一步免除了车辆碰撞险(CDW)减免后剩余部分的自付额(在加拿大,通常在CAD$500-2000之间)。RentalCover.com出售可替代这类保险的产品;RentalCover.com的保单价格便宜一半且承保租车公司免责的那些您需“自掏腰包”的损坏相关费用和损坏类型.

Here is a checklist of what to expect at the rental desk in Canada and what to say:
  • With "Extra Cover for Canada", you will not need to purchase any Roadside Assistance Coverage at the rental desk. This policy will also cover you for any "out of pocket" cost resulting from an accident.Read on for more "Extra Cover for Canada" info.
  • If your booking does not already include it, you will be offered Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) or Loss Damage Waiver (LDW, which is CDW plus Theft Protection) at the rental desk. Your booking confirmation will tell you if CDW or LDW is included, and our overview of CDW/LDW in Canada might also be useful. If you are from Canada we recommend bringing your personal car's insurance certificate as it insures you for any car anywhere that you travel. If you don't have your own policy or wish to avoid small claims, you can buy CDW on (from March 2016 onwards). If you need help identifying if CDW is included in your car booking, please complete the form below. 
  • You will be offered a waiver that is variously titled Super CDW, Excess Waiver, Damage Liability Waiver, or something similar.'s "Zero Excess Rental Cover" is a cheap alternative to this waiver and covers all types of accidents and damages. Read on for an overview of how insurance works in Canada.
  • If it isn't included in your booking, you will be offered Liability Insurance (also called Supplementary Liability Insurance (SLI) and LIS). There is more information in our SLI for Canada/the US FAQ. We recommend purchasing SLI if it wasn't included in your booking. 
  • If it isn't included in your booking, you will be offered Personal Accident Insurance (PAI), which provides coverage for personal injuries that befall you or your passengers as a result of an accident. 
Find out more about what to do at the rental desk in the USA, Australia/NZ or the UK/Europe.

Rental Guide: Destination EU/UK





超级车辆碰撞险(Super CDW)/超级车损盗抢险(Super LDW)

取车点出售“超级车辆碰撞险(Super CDW)/超级车损盗抢险(Super LDW)”保单用以在事故或车损发生后,将您需支付的自付额从€/$/£1,000-4,000降至€/£/$0。

  • 如您的租车订单中不包含车辆碰撞险(CDW)或车损盗抢险(LDW,即车辆碰撞险(CDW)外加盗窃险),取车点会提供这些保险。您的租车预订确认邮件会说明您的租车订单中是否已包含车辆碰撞险(CDW)或车损盗抢险(LDW),同时我们的欧洲车辆碰撞险(CDW)/车损盗抢险(LDW)概览可能对您有帮助。购买了我们的碰撞损坏险(Collision Damage Coverage)的美国居民不需要购买租车公司的车辆碰撞险(CDW)。我们建议其他国家的顾客购买租车公司的车辆碰撞险(CDW)。如您需要我们的帮助来确认您的租车订单中是否已包含车辆碰撞险(CDW),请填写下方表格。车辆碰撞险(CDW)有一笔自付额(美国称为可减免自付额),通常在€500至€5,000之间;购买超级车辆碰撞险(SCDW),这笔自付额可降至一定额度。
  • 取车点会提供一个免除险,它有不同叫法,例如超级车辆碰撞险(Super CDW)、自付额免除险(Excess Waiver)、损坏赔偿责任免除险(Damage Liability Waiver)等类似名称,它可将您车辆的自付额从$500-$5000(具体金额取决于租车公司)降至$0。但您不用购买。购买了我们的碰撞损坏险(Collision Damage Coverage)的美国居民不需要购买超级车辆碰撞险(SCDW),因为您的保单没有自付额 - 您需先行支付车损费用,再由AON为您索赔。对于非美国居民,我们的零自付额租车险(Zero Excess Rental Cover)提供比超级车辆碰撞险(SCDW)更高的保额,而保单价格只是后者的一半。您可阅读欧洲保险选择总结
  • 取车点不会提供赔偿责任险(Liability Insurance,也叫补充第三方责任险(Supplementary Liability Insurance,SLI)或公民赔偿责任险(Civil Liability Insurance),因为这些保险受欧盟监管。我们的常见问题页面中有关于欧洲第三方责任险(Third Party Insurance)的更多信息
  • 取车点会向您提供个人意外保险(Personal Accident Insurance,简称PAI),可承保因事故造成的您或您的乘客的人身伤害。绝大多数旅行保险含个人意外险(PAI),且可在网上购买(目前,RentalCover.com尚不提供此保险)。

Rental Guide: Destination Latin American Countries

US Residents traveling to Latin American countries and Mexico are encouraged to purchase our Collision Damage Coverage plan. All of our plans comply with the CNSF regulations in the Mexican Territory (rental companies may ask you about this). This zero deductible plan is primary coverage so you do not need to file a claim against your auto insurance. Instead, for travel outside the US you would pay the repair costs and AON quickly reimburses you (if you travel within the US, AON handles the full claim themselves).

Here's the two main products sold by rental companies in Latin America:

1. CDW: Collision Damage Waivers (also called Loss Damage Waivers if they include Theft Protection) have a deductible/excess. Depending on the country and rental company the deductible can be between US$500 and US$5,000. Daily cost is up to US$30.
2. SCDW: Super Collision Damage Waivers (which have multiple other names that are designed to confuse renters) reduce the deductible/excess towards $0. The more you pay, the closer to $0 it gets and there's less exclusions. Daily cost is up to US$20.

For US Residents, the Collision Damage Coverage that we sell is equivalent to both of the above so you should purchase neither of them voluntarily from the rental company. US Residents might come across some unscrupulous rental companies who force you to purchase their Collision Damage Waiver (#1 above) in which case you should still refuse their SCDW. Our Collision Damage Coverage will still save you US$10-$20 per day vs SCDW. Unfortunately though, and only in the case scenario where you are forced (ie. rental company not providing you with the car rental), you would have to buy their CDW.

For non-US Residents, our Zero Excess Rental Cover is equivalent to the second waiver type above. At the time of writing, does not sell a CDW-equivalent policy for non-US Residents picking up in Latin America. Our Zero Excess Rental Cover is at least 50% cheaper. We recommend that you check your rental confirmation to see if you have CDW included. Most booking agency websites and rental companies include it with the booking, but if it is not included and you are not a US Resident with our Collision Damage Coverage, you should purchase CDW but not SCDW.

You might also be sold Roadside Assistance Coverage and Theft Protection. Theft is not required if you are able to use your Collision Damage Coverage for US Residents.

Rental Guide: Destination Namibia/Africa

每个国家和租车公司对于在非洲旅行时的保险要求都不相同。以下信息仅为概览,我们建议您仔细阅读您的租车协议,了解保险在您的旅行国具体如何使用。您的租车确认单会显示您的租车预订中是否已包含车辆碰撞险(CDW)。购买了我们的碰撞损坏险(Collision Damage Coverage)的美国居民不需购买租车公司的车辆碰撞险(CDW)/车损盗抢险(LDW),也不需购买超级车辆碰撞险(SCDW)/超级车损盗抢险(SLDW): 


在非洲,大多数租车公司将提供车辆碰撞险(CDW)(如它包含盗窃险,也叫车损盗抢险(LDW/Loss Damage Waiver)用以在事故发生后,减免您必须支付的可减免自付额。车辆碰撞险(CDW)和车损盗抢险(LDW)将可减免自付额从全车总价减至US$2000(ZAR31000)。非洲的许多租车公司不承保常见的车损类型,例如挡风玻璃、轮胎、车顶和底盘,他们更倾向与通过超级车辆碰撞险(SCDW)/超级车损盗抢险(SLDW)来承保这些项目。请您核对订车确认单,如您在了解保险的过程中需要帮助,欢迎您邮件咨询我们。 

我们针对美国居民的碰撞损坏险(Collision Damage Coverage)与车辆碰撞险(CDW)功能相同,但价格仅为后者的一半。如您的车辆发生损坏,您需先支付维修费用,再向AON申请索赔,并获得退款。对于非美国居民,我们建议您购买租车公司的车辆碰撞险(CDW)。


超级车辆碰撞险(Super CDW)/超级车损盗抢险(Super LDW)可减免自付额

与欧洲、澳大利亚和新西兰的租车类似,车辆碰撞险(CDW)& 车损盗抢险(LDW)在非洲也有着很高的自付额,可通过超级车辆碰撞险(SCDW)/超级车损盗抢险(SLDW)来减免。自付额通常在US$1500-$2000 (ZAR27000),可通过购买超级车辆碰撞险(SCDW)或超级车损盗抢险(SLDW)来减免。 RentalCover.com的 零自付额租车险(Zero Excess Rental Cover)与超级车辆碰撞险(SCDW)/超级车损盗抢险(SLDW)类似,但价格仅为后者的一半,且我们承保租车公司收取的所有与车损相关的费用以及所有类型的事故和损坏,包括租车公司的免责项目,例如 挡风玻璃、顶灯、轮胎、底盘、车顶和冲撞动物造成的损坏。

赔偿责任险(Liability Insurance)/补充第三方责任险(SLI)承保第三方伤害

面向前往非洲旅行的游客的绝大多数租车订单都包含了补充第三方责任险(SLI,也叫意外责任保险(Accident Liability Insurance/ALI)或责任保险补充(LIS))。如您不确定您的保单包含的具体内容,欢迎您邮件咨询我们。目前我们并不提供赔偿责任险。 


  • 东部和南部非洲共同市场(COMESA,Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa):通常称为黄卡(Yellow Card),承保国家包括布隆迪、吉布提、刚果共和国、厄立特里亚、埃塞俄比亚、肯尼亚、马拉维、卢旺达、苏丹、坦桑尼亚、乌干达、赞比亚和津巴布韦,但它不承保您购买保单的国家(即您需要在抵达目的地前购买保单)。南非不属于COMESA地区。
  • 中非货币经济共同体(CEMAC,Economic and Monetary Community of Central Africa):通常称为粉卡(Pink Card),承保国家包括喀麦隆、中非共和国、乍得、刚果、加蓬和赤道几内亚。
  • 西非国家经济共同体(ECOWAS,Economic Community of West African States):通常称为棕卡(Brown Card),承保国家包括贝宁、布基纳法索、冈比亚、加纳、几内亚、几内亚比绍、科特迪瓦、利比里亚、马里、尼日尔、尼日利亚、塞内加尔、塞拉利昂和多哥。佛得角是西非国家经济共同体(ECOWAS)中唯一不受保的国家。
  • 阿拉伯联盟(AL,Arab League):通常被称为橘卡(Orange Card),承保国家包括北部非洲和中东 - 阿尔及利亚、巴林、埃及、伊拉克、约旦、科威特、黎巴嫩、利比亚、毛里塔尼亚、阿曼、卡塔尔、沙特阿拉伯、索马里、叙利亚、阿联酋和也门。摩洛哥和突尼斯受欧洲绿卡(European Green Card)承保。科摩罗和巴勒斯坦不受此卡的协议承保。


个人意外险(PAI,Personal Accident Insurance)承保您和您的乘客在租车旅行中的事故医疗费用、急救和意外死亡。某些公司会出售额外个人意外险(extra PAI cover)作为可选保险产品,这类产品在您或您的乘客发生人身伤害时将提供更好的保障。欢迎使用页面顶部的比较工具比较租车公司和RentalCover.com的保险产品

Rental Guide: Destination United States

This is a summary of the main products offered by the rental companies for travel in the USA. In the US it is not mandatory for car owners (i.e. the rental companies) to insure hired cars nor is it mandatory for them to insure the drivers against third party personal & property damage (this is called "Liability Insurance" or "Supplementary Liability Insurance"), nor personal injury to the driver (called "Personal Accident Insurance"). Those responsibilities fall to the renter. This is not the case in the EU, Australia, NZ and most other countries so it is important that you understand the options and purpose of each insurance product that you will be offered by the rental companies! The other main difference to other countries is that the rental companies do not offer "Super CDW", "Super LDW" or equivalent "premium" insurance products. When sold in Europe and most of the World, these products are designed to reduce your excess towards zero from an amount that is usually between €/£/$1,000-4,000. In the US all rentals are sold with either the renter being liable for the full amount of the vehicle, or there is zero deductible excess: there's nothing in between! Our "Extra Cover for USA" fills the considerable "out of pocket" costs that still remain even when there is no deductible excess.


From March 2016 onwards, will be selling CDW for US residents from AON. When you purchase CDW from the rental companies it is usually called "LDW" if it includes theft protection, so our policy is equivalent to LDW. The only difference between a CDW offered independently by us versus the policy offered at the rental desk is that your insurance company (AON) will handle the payments to the rental company for any damages, whereas there is no reimbursement/recovery process if you purchase the rental company's CDW/LDW.

It is important to know if your booking contains CDW or LDW! If it doesn't have it already and you are a US resident, you can buy it from If you are not a US resident, we always advise that you make sure your car booking includes CDW/LDW from the rental company. 

There are differences in how the websites of rental companies present CDW/LDW to international drivers vis-à-vis their agents (an "agent" might be an airline, hotel or a price comparison site):

1. For international drivers, the vast majority of websites will automatically include CDW or LDW. If for some other reason CDW or LDW is not automatically included, it will be available at the rental desk. Please read carefully when booking and check your car confirmation!

2. If you book from within the US or are a US resident, CDW/LDW will not be included by default. You can buy a policy from and save approximately 50% or add it at the rental desk. Sometimes you can add it on the website at the time of booking. Most US domestic travellers can rely on their credit cards or personal motor insurance, however the excess on those policies often outweighs the cost of rental vehicle repairs.

SLI (Supplementary Liability Insurance)

Rental companies also offer insurance for third party property and third party personal that is usually called SLI ("Supplementary Liability Insurance") or LIS or simply, "Liability". SLI provides coverage for claims relating to third parties, namely third party property and third party injury. These policies have coverage limits so you should be conscious of how much is reasonably needed in the event of a major accident and/or negligence. Given the potential liability we always stress to drive carefully in the US and always purchase SLI from the rental company.

At the time of writing, does not sell SLI.

Please also refer to our "What is SLI?" FAQ

Theft Protection

Theft Cover is also called Theft Protection and it may or may not provide coverage to arson and vandalism, depending on the policy. There will always be limitations surrounding negligence. We encourage you to read the relevant terms to check if your policy includes theft. Note also that's "CDW" and "Extra Cover for USA" policies include theft, arson and vandalism. 

PAI (Personal Accident Insurance)

PAI provides coverage to you and your passengers for personal injuries up to a certain limit. PAI might be automatically included when an international driver books a car on either the rental company's website or via the website of an agent/airline/price comparison service. Please check the coverage limits on your policy if you have or intend to have personal accident insurance to determine if the cover is adequate. Check out our "What is PAI (Personal Accident Insurance)?" for examples and further detail.

Roadside Assistance's "Extra Cover for USA" policy includes free Roadside Assistance and it provides coverate to related costs such as callout fees, towing, fuel topup, tyres, windscreen repair, etc., plus the considerable out of pocket costs that you might incur (such as impound storage fees, key loss/replacement, headlight/battery repair/replacement, fire and theft, "relocation fees" to get the vehicle back to its intended destination, card fees that are applied along the way, administration/processing fees for accidents, and "loss of use" fees that are charged while the vehicle is off the road being fixed).

正如美国 常见问题所示,在美国的保险选择与英国/欧盟、澳大利亚/新西兰及亚洲的保险不同。这是因为美国面向全球游客的租车通常都包含了零自付险(即在车辆事故中无自付额),取车点也提供道路救援服务,您可自行决定是否需要。




RentalCover.com的道路救援合作商是Urgently,是北美排名第一的道路救援网络。Urgently 的热线电话请查看我们的App(AppleAndroid)和您的保单确认邮件。请严格按照流程操作 - 如您不选择Urgently ,您可能会支付高昂的道路救援费。如您选择Urgently ,我们将为您直接向Urgently 支付道路救援费,但如您选择租车公司的道路救援商,您需先自行支付费用,再通过 索赔 获得道路救援和其他“自掏腰包”的费用的退款。


Urgently 免费热线:请查看您的保单确认邮件和我们的App(AppleAndroid)。我们将以您的名义支付Urgently 的账单,或退还您向租车公司支付的道路救援费。


  • 事故:请先咨询租车公司您可否选择您希望的拖车公司,获得允许后,您需要获得车辆运送目的地的信息,并联系Urgently 。
  • 电池:请联系Urgently
  • 燃料:请联系Urgently
  • 顶灯及其他车灯:请联系Urgently
  • 钥匙丢失或钥匙被锁车内:请联系Urgently
  • 机械故障:请先咨询租车公司您可否选择您希望的拖车公司,获得允许后,您需要获得车辆运送目的地的信息,并联系Urgently
  • 轮胎:请联系Urgently
  • 挡风玻璃:请联系Urgently

当您联系Urgently 时:

  1. 请提供您的 预订单号(以“INS”结尾)
  2. Urgently 将为您派出拖车
  3. 拖车抵达后,请随车一同前往车辆运送目的地
  4. 我们将以您的名义向Urgently 付款。


美国附加租车保险(Extra Cover for the USA)是由RentalCover.com向非美国居民提供的一项综合保险,承保租车公司不承保的项目和许多在事故和故障中您可能遇到的自理费用。

了解如何使用我们的道路救援会多您有所帮助。如您按照我们的确认邮件中的指示操作,您可能会发现,有些道路救援是由我们的道路救援网络Urgently提供的。Urgently因其良好的服务而获奖无数,被称为是“道路救援的Uber”。您无需打电话,只需点击链接,他们就会派车前往您所在位置,并且我们将以您的名义支付Urgently的账单。至于其他一些道路救援,包括机械故障和碰撞,您需要联系租车公司的道路救援服务。您需要先向租车公司支付相关费用,再通过提交索赔,向RentalCover.com要求退款。通常,我们会在当天处理并支付美国附加租车保险(Extra Cover for the USA)的索赔。



*本页面已被谷歌翻译翻译。 请在此处查看原始英文版本。

  • 如果您的预订中没有包含此项服务,您将在租赁服务台为您提供碰撞损失豁免(CDW)或损失损失豁免(LDW,这是CDW加上防盗保护)。 您的预订确认将告诉您是否包含CDW或LDW,并且我们对CDW的概述可能会有用。

    我们的碰撞损坏覆盖面是免赔额的主要覆盖面 - 相当于租赁公司的CDW,但 通常便宜50%。 美国的CDW没有免赔额。

    如需进一步阅读,请参阅我们的美国CDW / LDW概述
  • 也销售碰撞损坏险(Collision Damage Coverage),等同于租车公司出售的车辆碰撞险(CDW)或车损盗抢险(LDW,即车辆碰撞险(CDW)加盗窃险(Theft Protection)),但我们的碰撞损坏险(Collision Damage Coverage)价格至少优惠50%。如您已购买我们的碰撞损坏险(Collision Damage Coverage)(不管是为单程旅行上保还是以年度保单形式购买),您就不再需要车辆碰撞险(CDW)。如您的租车已经包含了租车公司提供的车辆碰撞险(CDW),租车点不会再向您推荐车辆碰撞险(CDW)。我们的美国车辆碰撞险(CDW)/车损盗抢险(LDW)概览也许会对您有帮助。
  • 如您的租车订单中未包含赔偿责任保险,取车点会向您提供该险(也叫补充第三方责任险(Supplementary Liability Insurance,简称SLI)或赔偿责任保险补充(LIS))。在我们的“美国补充第三方责任险常见问题”中了解更多信息。如您的租车订单中未包含补充第三方责任险(SLI),我们建议您另外购买。
  • 如您的租车订单中未包含个人意外保险(Personal Accident Insurance,简称PAI),取车点会向您提供该险,可承保因事故造成的您或您的乘客的人身伤害。绝大多数旅行保险均含个人意外险(PAI),且可在网上购买(目前,RentalCover.com尚不提供此保险)。 

Our Collision Damage Coverage plan is for US Residents and has a $0 deductible. As it's primary coverage you do not have to make a claim against your auto insurance. Additional drivers who are on the rental agreement with you are covered free of charge and it's a zero deductible plan. 

As outlined in our general overview of car rental insurance in the USA, the insurance options are different to the rest of the World. The US is a zero deductible market, so there's no repair costs to pay if you have Collision Damage Coverage. The only costs to pay are collision-related fees that are charged by the rental companies such as "loss of use", relocation and administration fees (all are included in our Extra Cover product).

All other countries have a deductible (called "excess" outside of the US). There are consequently two policies to be aware of:

1. CDW: Outside of the US, Collision Damage Waivers (also called Loss Damage Waivers if they include Theft Protection) provide coverage up to the full value of the car, but they also have a deductible/excess. Depending on the country and rental company the deductible can be between US$500 and US$5,000.
2. SCDW: Outside of the US, Super Collision Damage Waivers (which have multiple other names that are designed to confuse renters) reduce the deductible/excess towards $0. They do not exist in the US because the US is a zero deductible market. With SCDW, the more you pay, the deductible/excess gets closer to $0, and there's less exclusions such as windscreens & tires.

Please see our FAQ entitled "What to do at the rental desk in Latin American countries" and there's more details in our rental guides for USEurope, Australia/NZ, Canada and Africa

AON handles claims on your behalf once you file a claim or inform them of the incident (check your Policy Wording or confirmation emails for details). For travel outside of the US, you would may be required to pay the rental company and then AON will reimburse you. If you are unable to pay, AON will step in to pay on your behalf. Read on for more information about claims for "Collision Damage Coverage".

Rental Guide: Destination Worldwide



已购买我们的碰撞损坏险(Collision Damage Coverage)的美国居民请参考上文选项。

Rental Guide: Insurance products


车辆碰撞险(CDW)是指将自付额从全车总价降至一定额度(通常为 €/£/$1000-2000)的保险产品。将您的赔偿责任进一步降至€/£/$0的保险产品称为超级车辆碰撞险(Super CDW)(在澳新也叫自付额减免(Excess Reduction))。损坏赔偿责任费和其他不同名字的保险产品的目的是一样的。车辆碰撞险(CDW)与盗窃险的复合产品叫作车损盗抢险(LDW)。超级车辆碰撞险(Super CDW)与盗窃险的复合产品叫超级车损盗抢险(Super LDW)。











在澳大利亚和新西兰,车辆所有人(即租车公司)被强制要求购买第三方伤亡险,否则车辆无法登记和上路。在新西兰,第三方人身伤亡险经由政府项目ACC提供,且不向双方司机追责。第三方财产险(即对对方车辆造成的损坏)通常是综合保险(comprehensive insurance)的一部分,但租车公司常常因第三方损坏向司机收费,从您的自付额中扣除,跟挡风玻璃更换或拖车费的收费方式差不多。结果就是即使司机并未造成第三方的任何损失(对方车损已由对方的保单承保),租车公司还是会以第三方车损为由向司机收费。因此,租车公司可以从事故中牟利!RentalCover.com的所有保单都承保这类第三方损坏(即从您自付额中扣除的费用),以保单额度为上限。请注意,即使事故不由您造成(即您不是“过错方”),一些租车公司也可能会从您的自付额中扣费。RentalCover.com的保单不区分谁是“过错方”,但如果司机不是“过错方”并且最终收到了先前支付的自付额的退款,我们将执行一套单独的程序处理这种状况。




当车辆发生事故时,您需要向租车公司支付一笔费用,叫作“自付额”或“赔偿责任”。租车公司会提供车辆碰撞险(CDW)以使您在事故中承担的自付额从全车总价降至一定额度。车辆碰撞险(CDW)可将您的自付额降至 €/£/$0(在美国和加拿大尤为典型)或降至€/£/$1,000-€/£/$3,000(欧洲、澳新及除北美外的所有市场均符合这一类情况)。为将剩余的自付额进一步降至0欧元/美元/英镑,租车公司会提供“超级车辆碰撞险”(Super CDW)和“超级车损盗抢险”(Super LDW)(包含了车辆碰撞险CDW和盗窃险)。尽管保险名称不同(例如澳大利亚和新西兰称之为“自付金额减免险”),但保险目的是相同的。




补充第三方责任险(Supplementary Liability Insurance)承保您对其他车辆和司机造成的损失。在某些国家,第三方责任险由车辆所有人,也就是租车公司,强制提供。但美国的大多数州不要求车辆所有人必须提供第三方责任险,这就意味着司机有可能要为事故中的财产和人身损失承担费用。 



索赔案例 的客户Keith Richards将要去加利福尼亚度假,享受当地的阳光。当Keith去取车点取车时,工作人员向他解释说在当地,租车公司没有义务承保第三方损失,但他们为客户提供补充第三方责任险(SLI)。






单人 多人 财产 供应商承保额度
加利福尼亚 $15,000 $30,000 $5,000 $1-2 百万
佛罗里达 $10,000 $20,000 $10,000 $1-2 百万
内华达 $15,000 $30,000 $10,000 $1-2 百万
纽约 $25,000 $50,000 $10,000 $1-2 百万
其他 $10-5万 $30-10万 $5-2.5万 $1-2 百万




当您不是事故过错方时 的客户Eric Clapton打算租车去加利福尼亚拜访朋友。就在他拐弯时,一个出租车司机突然违规掉头,撞上了Eric的车。然而,由于Eric不是过错方,他的补充第三方责任险(SLI)不需要承担对方车辆的损失。







具体案例 的客户Bob Geldof将与他的乐队一同出发去美国,展开一场长途旅行。Bob认为搭乘观光巴士不是很环保,因而决定租车前往。但他很快意识到,要租那么长时间的车其实非常贵,于是,为了省钱,Bob没有购买任何额外保险。






索赔项目 标准保额
司机意外死亡 $100,000 to $200,000
乘客意外死亡 $10,000 to $30,000
意外伤亡治疗费 $2,500 - $5,000
救护车险 $250 - $500



RentalCover.com的所有保险均承保盗窃、火灾和人为破坏。大多数租车公司会在网站或取车点为您提供名为“盗窃险”(Theft Protection)的保险产品。当您的车辆被偷时,盗窃险能承保一定额度的损失。在美国和欧洲部分地区,盗窃险作为独立的保险产品进行销售,在澳大利亚、新西兰及欧洲的其他地区,盗窃险作为额外保险的一部分提供给客户。

部分租车公司也会在您的车辆碰撞险(CDW)中包含盗窃险,此时的保险产品称为车损盗抢险(LDW)。 请查阅您的保单条例或联系保险供应商了解您的保险内容。

What happens if there's an accident?

You pay the rental company and we reimburse you the repair cost.

What if the excess charged by the rental company exceeds the repair cost?

If its a single vehicle accident the difference will be repaid within a week. Once that refund takes place we are ready to pay you the outstanding amount. This is why our target for claims payments is 3 business days.

If its a multiple vehicle accident it's a different story. Keep reading...

What's the process if there's more than one vehicle in the accident?

The rental company will deduct your full excess until the insurers close the case. If they deem that you were "not at fault" the rental company may process a refund. This FAQ details the "not at fault" process.  

So summarise what that all means!

The rental company will deduct the full excess amount if there's significant damage to the vehicle. Timing for your refund will differ based on:

1. If the accident involves your vehicle only, you will get a refund soon after the repairs are done.
2. If the accident involves two or more vehicles, the rental company will keep your full excess until the insurers close the case. Your rental company will refund you either:
a) The excess charges less repair costs, or
b) the full excess if your rental company refunds drivers who are not at fault.

For any other questions, please don't hesitate to call us!

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