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Excess Cover/CDW For Any Car, Motorhome, 4x4, Car Share, Courtesy Car or Accident Replacement Anywhere In The World.

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About was established in response to the dubious business practices of rental companies who routinely overcharge their customers, bill them for damages that pre-existed the rental or otherwise don't exist and bury exclusions in the fine print of their policies. As a specialist provider of CDW/excess cover for rental vehicles we have quickly become the largest provider of independent rental vehicle cover globally. We provide a dedicated and knowledgable service and our multinational team covers over 14 languages and our policies are available for every country of travel.

You can contact us for support in your language and time zone. To see if we cover rental vehicles in your country of travel, enter your details above! 

What we sell

Super CDW, Excess Reduction, Excess Waivers

Our "Zero Excess Rental Cover" policies are an alternative to those policies that are sold by the rental companies that reduce your excess, which may be called "excess reduction", "excess waiver", "Super CDW" and "damage waiver" among others. These are sold by the rental companies (usually at the depot, most of the rental company websites do not offer those policies online) and they are usually double the price and they exclude many types of accident that are all covered by's "Zero Excess Rental Cover" policy. We sell these policies for all of Europe (including UK, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Netherlands), Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Asia (including Japan, China, Korea, Hong Kong) & South America (including Brazil, Argentina and Chile).

Extra Cover with Roadside Assistance - for USA & Canada

In the USA car hire is sold with "zero excess" (i.e. no deductible amount in the event of an accident/damages) or it is sold with "full liability". To reduce the liability from the full value of the car to zero, US rental companies sell "Collision Damage Waiver" (CDW) or "Loss Damage Waiver" (LDW). Most online travel agents (sites that show a price comparison for multiple rental companies) include CDW or LDW in the booking. Most rental companies include CDW or LDW in the booking if you are not from the US. For US visitors they generally do not include CDW and LDW on their websites. This FAQ has more detail.

Some Canadian car rentals have an excess (so they can sell an excess waiver/Super CDW at the depot), while some follow the American "zero excess" model. We offer both for visitors to Canada.

Our "Extra Cover" product covers you for theft and the considerable "out of pocket" costs that drivers have to pay in the event of an accident or damage in the US and Canada. Those include towing, impound storage fees, relocation fees, key loss costs, vehicle lock out costs, roadside call out costs, administration fees that are applied by the rental companies when there is an incident and more. It also covers anything that the rental company might exclude such as windscreens, tyres, interiors, headlights and mirrors.

Cars, Campervans, Motorhomes, Vans, Trucks & Minibuses

Many of our insurance policies cover campervans, motorhomes, commercial vans, light trucks and minibuses. These can all be added from the pricing page - just enter your details above and then make a selection from the "Add Options" section. Note that we do not have policies for every country. 

To get a quote and compare the cost of excess reduction with enter your details above.

A Note on Travel Insurance

Got a free travel insurance policy from your credit card issuer, or purchased travel insurance elsewhere for your trip? Be careful! provides a useful and cheap alternative to the travel insurance that sometimes covers rental cover excess payments. There's a few things you need to be aware of with travel insurance:

  • The amount of excess cover is insufficient in almost all cases. The free travel policies included with credit cards cover between $2,000 and $3,000 in damages. The amount of cover needed for rental cars in most countries is $3,000 to $5,000 (more for luxury and sports cars and campervans/motorhomes).

  • There is only one insured driver (the person who owns the credit card). If your spouse or travel partner wants to drive you would add them onto the rental agreement at the car hire depot but the excess cover would not cover them if they had an accident. All policies cover all additional drivers free of charge.

  • The "pay out" rate on claims is very low. The insurers rely on clauses like the following to avoid paying out on excess cover claims: "You must purchase comprehensive insurance", "We will not pay for your costs arising from... damage resulting from the operation of the rental vehicle in violation of the terms of the rental agreement". Defining the terms of the rental agreement is difficult (rental companies use vague clauses like "driving without due care or attention" so that they can claim the driver broke the rental terms). This means that "exclusions" that the rental companies insert into their rental agreements are mirrored by the travel insurer, so windscreen, tyre, headlight, underbody and roof damage, single vehicle accidents, hitting animals, damages caused by driving at night and weather-related damages are not claimable. All policies are vetted to ensure that the above - and many more types of exclusions - are all claimable.

  • Credit card and Administration fees are not claimable. In the event of an accident or damages, rental companies charge credit card fees on the repair costs (up to 3.5%) AND an Administration Fee ($50 to $100). These amounts cannot be claimed from travel insurers as they only cover repair costs.'s is designed to cover these and other circumstances where the amount claimed falls short of the amount paid out. 

  • The "claim fee" for travel insurance policies is usually high. This "claim fee" (which is also confusingly called the "excess") is the amount that would be deducted from any claim and it is usually $100-$200, whereas the claim fee from all policies is $50 or less.

Why Choose

There's a few good reasons!

  • A policy from is typically 50% cheaper than the excess reduction (car rental insurance) offered by the rental companies.

  • All policies cover repairs to windscreens, tyres, headlights and roof or underbody damage. It also covers you if you hit animals, or have a single vehicle accident or an accident while driving at night. These are excluded in the excess reduction offered by most car rental companies, so even if you take out the rental company's excess reduction, the most common damages are excluded anyway so you pay the amount in full. There are no such exclusions with policies (except for illegal activities, as outlined in the terms displayed on the payment page).

  • The claim fees are lower! The equivalent if you take out the rental company's excess reduction is between $300 and $1000 depending on the supplier, so you would be liable for the first $300 to $1000 of damages. See our comparison table.


How It Works

In a few simple steps you can get cover for any rental vehicle in any country, regardless of the supplier:

Step One: Enter your details in the above form to get a quote for excess cover. The policy displayed covers any rental vehicle in the nominated country.

Step Two: Pay for your policy and then your confirmation will be issued.

Step Three: You should refuse the excess waivers sold at the depot. You do not need it as you are covered by your policy for the cost of repairs (a refundable bond will go towards this amount). 

If you have an accident: You pay the damage bill to the rental company and then claim the corresponding amount from the issuer of your policy.


Assuming that you do not take the rental company's excess reduction (Step 3 above), you will be charged the repair cost up to the standard excess/standard liability (this table shows the standard liability for most rental companies). This is the amount that you would then claim from the issuer of your policy. The policies issued by cover you for all types of rental vehicle repair costs. A small claim fee is withheld of between $0 and $50. For a claim you can expect to be paid within 7 business days. 

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