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How Does's Free Gap Coverage Work?'s Free Gap Coverage allows you peace of mind when you rent a car by providing additional coverage to every policy issued, free of charge. The amount of Free Gap Coverage included with your policy can be found in your coverage documentation provided with your quote or purchase.

Our 'Gap Cover' is designed to provide coverage when there is a shortfall between your excess coverage and the total amount that you have paid for your accident/damages. This can happen when:

  • Your coverage is insufficient (i.e. the policy is less than the excess on the vehicle);
  • There are separate charges such as administration & credit card fees that are payable on top of your excess and;
  • There are exclusions in your coverage agreement which won't be paid for by your vehicle's insurance, such as damage to your car's underbody, or "loss of use" costs (charged when the vehicle is off the road being repaired).


All policies come with Free Gap Coverage to ensure that you get reimbursed for these significant costs.


The Queen of England is not a good driver. She prefers to travel the streets of London in a horse and carriage. So when she rents cars, she always purchases a policy just in case she has an accident. Once upon a time she did have an accident because her corgi dog was barking wildly when the Queen's hairspray stung it in the eyes. The excess on her vehicle was £4,000 but The Queen was faced with total charges of £4,450. The breakdown of her bill was as follows: £4,000: Damage liability fee (this was the 'excess". Rental companies call it many things but they are all just the "excess") £150: "Administration Fees" (the rental companies usually charge these "processing" costs) £50: Credit card fees (charged on the total damage costs) £100: Towing (the towing bill is not usually part of the "excess" because it is not "damages". It is a separate fee that is charged to the rental company and passed on to the driver). £150: "Relocation" costs (the rental company has to get the vehicle back to its intended destination. The cost is passed on to the driver).

Luckily, The Queen's policy had £4,000 coverage and an extra £500 Free Gap Coverage.'s underwriter paid her £4,000 and paid £450. The Queen made her claim, it was paid quickly by the friendly claims team, and she vowed never to take her corgis on a road trip again.

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