How do the rental companies compare to is an alternative to the excess waivers (also called "Super Collision Damage Waiver" and various other names) that are offered at the rental desk for at least twice the price. Your options differ by country - try our Rental Guides for more information.

Here’s a comparison of what you can purchase at the rental desk:


  What you get with†† What you get at the rental desk
Multi vehicle accidents
Single vehicle accidents Sometimes
Fire, car theft and vandalism Sometimes
Towing, lockout & keys x
Windshield and headlights x
Tyres and underbody x
Weather-related damages
Fire, rain, snow etc.††
Animal collisions Sometimes
Driving conditions
Inc. gravel, sand, ash etc.††
Standard excess / deductible


Up to €/£/$1,000
Excess waivers often do not waive the full excess, meaning there's an excess still to pay
Total cover amount Covers rental company’s excess charges.
Refer to your policy wording.
See rental guides for details
Price per day 50% cheaper than at
the rental desk*
$20-$40 per day
(add 10-25% for airport surcharges)

† policies vary by country. Local factors like road and weather conditions are sometimes addressed within your policy wording which can be accessed in your account.

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