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Car rental insurance in Australia

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So you’re renting a car in Australia. Of course, no one wants to think about car rental insurance and collision damage waivers when taking in the splendor of the Opera House, but buying rental car insurance/full protection products before you go could save you thousands, so it’s worth doing. At RentalCover.com, we’ve built a global business around giving customers better coverage at a better price. And we pay 98% of claims within 3 business days, so you can save your AUD for extra kangaroo jerky.
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At the rental desk...

Insurance offered & what you need to know
Basic Waiver (CDW)
In AU CDW/LDW is always included (it will not be offered at the rental desk). CDW covers damages, with multiple exceptions, and the "standard excess" is high (AU$6,375.15 for cars to AU$9,562.73 for motorhomes.)
  • Excess payable for any damage is very high.
  • CDW is included in your booking.
  • Some types of damage are not covered by CDW, for instance some rental companies do not cover windscreens, cracks and chips, tyre punctures & replacements, and damages to headlights and underbody.
  • CDW does not cover expensive accident-related fees such as administration, towing and loss of use fees. 
Excess Waiver/Excess Reduction/Damage Liability Waiver etc.
Excess waivers reduce your standard excess towards US$0.00.
  • Can be purchased for AU$38.25 - AU$57.38 per day..
  • Does not cover tyre windscreens, roadside assistance costs & key loss.
  • Pay even more to get $0 excess.
  • Rental companies charge you even if not "at fault" if you don't purchase their excess waiver. RentalCover.com will refund you for these damages.
  • You may be deducted the full standard excess amount but would be refunded once the repair costs are finalised.
Roadside Assistance Cover
Covers roadside costs such as towing, fuel and key lockout.
  • Can be purchased for AU$12.75 - AU$19.13 per day.
  • Does not cover key replacement & towing is capped (it can be expensive in AU).
RentalCover.com Comparable insurance/full protection products & benefits
Full Protection
Equivalent to Excess Waiver + Roadside Assistance + $0 deductible excess.
  • Our Guarantee: We'll beat any price.
  • We pay 98% of claims within 3 business days.
  • Includes free cover for roadside assistance, towing (saves you AU$6.38 - AU$12.75 per day). Also covers key loss.
  • Covers accident-related fees.
  • Covered up to the policy limit for each individual incident.
  • Additional drivers on the rental agreement are automatically covered.
  • Damage related charges and administration costs are reimbursed once the claim is approved.
  • Cancel anytime up until vehicle collection.
  • Covers types of damage that the rental companies exclude, especially climate-related damage such as ice, hail, water/floods, snow, sand, wind, and more.
  • Covers damages caused by road conditions including ice, ash, sand and gravel damage.
  • Covers damages caused by collisions with animals.
  • Cover damages as a result of collisions with animals such as kangaroos and wombats (as long as these types of accidents don’t go against the rental agreement).
  • With RentalCover you are also subject to the terms of your rental agreement.
These are our top tips for ensuring you don’t get overinsured.

Buy insurance before you go and save

If you don’t want to be on the hook for costly scratches and dings, let alone collision damage, buy rental car coverage before you go. With us, you’ll pay a fraction of the cost of insurance at the rental desk.

Capture the condition of the vehicle

Take pictures & videos of the vehicle before you leave to avoid unfair charges. Ensure any pre-existing damage is marked up on the rental agreement as some rental companies tend to charge customers for pre-existing damages.

Just say 'no'

If you've bought Full Protection with us, you you do not need roadside assistance from the rental company.

With Full Protection...
  1. Notify your rental car company of the damage immediately. They will advise next steps.

  2. When your rental is finished, submit your claim at rentalcover.com/claim. You will need these documents.

  3. We pay 98% of claims within 3 business days, but do keep in mind that settlement times may differ.

  4. If your rental company provides you with a new vehicle, your RentalCover.com policy will also cover the new vehicle for the duration of your policy provided it’s a like-for-like exchange. You do not need to notify us of the vehicle change.

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