Become a RentalCover Partner

We partner with companies who are looking to maximize their ancillary revenue. We have separate partner programs that are suitable for suppliers, car share platforms, manufacturers, travel agents, online agents and affiliates. Since launching our partner program in 2015, our RentalCover partners have sold millions of policies and we've processed tens of thousands of claims for their happy customers. All policy wording and frontend content is available in 40+ languages and our platform makes instant claims payments into 90+ currencies.

RentalCover partners include, the largest rental agency globally, and, the largest OTA (some others are listed here). Our policy suite includes every type of insurance for any source/destination combination and for any time increment (on demand, daily, weekly, monthly, annual subscription) including:

  • "Full Protection" that provides full coverage up to a very high limit for cars rented in over 80 countries. It also covers high excess vehicles where required (e.g. US to Continental Europe).

  • "Zero Excess Rental Cover" for motorhomes in over 80 countries.

  • "Excess Reduction and Theft Protection" for peer to peer renters. We also provide master policies to share platforms for their vehicle owners. 

  • Collision Damage Insurance (CDI) for all US residents. This is primary coverage with zero deductible and it is commonly purchased by renters who don't have personal auto insurance. Read our US rental guide for more information.

  • Supplemental Liability Insurance (SLI) for US residents. This is also commonly purchased by renters who don't have personal auto insurance. Our US rental guide has more information on Supplementary Liability Insurance.

  • "Extra Cover for USA" for US visitors that includes roadside assistance cover and deductible reimbursement.

  • Full comprehensive auto insurance with a wide variety of customizations. 

Our capability also extends to travel insurance. Partners that have integrated our XCover API include one of Europe's largest flight aggregators, etraveli (owner of among others).

We have a suite of travel policies available. Our data analytics service, BrightWrite, applies machine learning to set the price and pick the most suitable policy combination. Policies available include:

  • Cancelation insurance

  • Medical insurance and medical assistance

  • Personal items and gadget coverage for travelers

  • "Smart Delay" for delayed flights and lost/delayed bags

  • Winter sports cover


Partnering with RentalCover

Our flexible approach means that we have multiple types of partners and integrations. Pick the one that suits your needs from the below options.

1. RentalCover for API Partners

How to integrate: Integrate the API into your high-traffic website/s or internal CRM/management systems.
Suitable for: Suppliers, online agents, airlines, OTAs, vehicle share platforms, dealer management platfoms.
Time til you start selling: 2-4 weeks
Sign up: Reach out via this form or email partnerships [at]

2. RentalCover for Agencies

How to integrate: Login and purchase a policy for the customer who is sitting in front of you! We collect full payment.
Suitable for: Retail travel agencies, car dealerships.
Time til you start selling: 10 minutes
Sign up:
Find out more:

3. Cover Genius Agency Platform

Cover Genius is the parent company of RentalCover and XCover. This unique platform for agents is under construction. It will help agents sell face-to-face or via the phone for any type of insurance that's available from Cover Genius.

How to integrate: Create an account and instantly book policies. We collect a wholesale rate from you and you mark up the policy. 
Suitable for: Retail travel agencies, car dealerships, insurance agents/brokers.
Time til you start selling: 1 day
Sign up: Reach out via this form.
Find out more: Coming soon. 

4. RentalCover Affiliate Program

How to integrate: Add a link to your site, relax and make some gravy! We love your traffic but, please, no brand bidding. 
Suitable for: Specialist affiliates.
Time til you start selling: 1 day
Sign up:
Find out more:

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