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  1. 当社の保険はレンタカー会社の保険より5割安なこと、保証いたします!
  2. 損害に対してレンタカー会社から過剰請求される心配することなく旅行をお楽しみください!
  3. 当社の保険は各国でレンタルされる車両の独特な要件に合わせて設計されています。
  4. 事故に伴う費用は高額となります。しかし、当社はそのすべてをカバーします。
  5. 当社保険の引受人は世界的に有名なブランドから成ります。
  6. 複数の車が絡んだ事故は複雑です。当社は関連保険会社間のやり取りをすべて行い、直ちに払い戻すので安心できます (保険請求ガイドをご覧ください)。

US Fire Axa Assistance Collinson Group Intact Insurance Lloyds of London Chubb


無保険はおすすめできません! 起きていない損害、過大な修理料金、些細な損害を上回る関連手数料など、レンタカー会社からの課金に対するレンタカー利用者の苦情の例が多数存在します。こうした費用はすべて によってカバーされています。

損害の費用と関連費用はレンタカー会社に支払います。  一旦保険請求が送信されると、お客様が支払った額を全額払い戻します。一旦すべての文書が送信されてから、保険請求額を2日以内に払い戻すことを目標としています。


舗装されていない道路で運転されることが想定されるオフロード四輪駆動車については、お見積りフォームで四輪駆動車のオプションを選択された場合にカバーされます。その場合、レンタル同意書の規則に従う必要があります。それ以外の車種については、舗装されていない道路での運転がレンタル合意書にて許容されている場合、 でカバーされます。



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Rental Guide: Destination Asian Countries

Here is a checklist of what to expect at the rental desk in Japan, Korea and other countries in Asia, and what to say:
  • If your booking does not already include it, you will be offered Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) or Loss Damage Waiver (LDW, which is CDW plus theft protection) at the rental desk. Your booking confirmation will tell you if CDW or LDW is included, and our overview of CDW might be useful. US Residents with our Collision Damage Coverage do not need to purchase CDW. We recommend that residents of other countries purchase CDW from the rental company, but do not purchase SCDW (see below). If you need help identifying if CDW is included in your car booking or not, please complete the form below. CDW has an excess ("deductible" is the US term) of between €500 and €5,000; it can be lowered towards €0 by purchasing SCDW.
  • You will be offered a waiver that is variously titled Super CDW (SCDW), Excess Waiver, Damage Liability Waiver, or something similar. It reduces the excess on your vehicle from $500-$5000 (depending on the rental company) towards $0. US Residents with Collision Damage Coverage do not need SCDW as your plan is zero deductible - you would pay for damages and then be reimbursed by AON. For non-US Residents, our "Zero Excess Rental Cover" provides great coverage at competitive prices. 
  • You may be offered Personal Accident Insurance (PAI), which provides coverage for personal injuries that befall you or your passengers as a result of an accident. PAI is insured in most travel insurance and can also be purchased online (though not, at the time of writing, on

Rental Guide: Destination Australia/NZ

Excess Reduction/Excess Waivers in Australia and New Zealand

Rental vehicles in Australia and New Zealand do not have Collision Damage Waivers (CDW). CDW is a policy sold by rental companies elsewhere in the world that reduces the excess that is payable in the event of an accident from the full value of the vehicle towards a lower limit (under AU$5,000, usually). CDW (and Loss Damage Waivers (LDW), which is just CDW plus Theft Protection) is included by default with a rental car (or can otherwise be included at the rental desk) in every country except Australia and NZ. If a renter does not have CDW or LDW in Europe, North America and South America their liability in the event of an accident would be the full value of the car. In Australia/NZ however, there is no CDW/LDW; the default liability (called "standard excess" or "standard liability") is usually somewhere below AU$5,000, although some large motorhomes have an excess of AU$7500.

The excess waivers for this lower amount are similar to Europe.

Third Party Damages

If you are driving a rental vehicle in Australia or New Zealand and you are involved in an accident with another vehicle the following process takes place:

1. If you cause the accident (i.e. you are "at fault") and damage another car

You will have to pay the repair costs for your vehicle (which would be insured by your policy). A small number of motorhome rental companies may also charge you for damages to other vehicles. These "third party damages" are excess charges (i.e. deducted from your credit card) and are insured by your policy. 

2. If you cause an accident and injure the other driver 

If the other driver is injured, the owner of your vehicle (i.e. the rental company) is liable, however the liability is mitigated by compulsory schemes for third party injuries in Australia and New Zealand. This is similar to Europe: the rental company cannot own or rent a car without having third party liability insurance, and as a result, renters do not have any liability (unless you have broken the law). 

In Australia, "third party cover" is provided by a private insurance company, whereas in New Zealand a government insurer called ACC looks after all injuries caused by motor accidents (it is a "no fault" scheme, which means there is no settlement process nor ongoing legal/claim issues for the drivers). 

3. If you did not cause an accident and you are injured 

The liability for your injuries rests with the other driver, who would have the same compulsory insurance that your rental company has for their cars. Your medical costs will be insured by their insurance.


In summary, if an accident occurs:

  • Injuries to drivers of the other car are insured by third party liability insurance. Third party liability cover is compulsorily held by vehicle owners. Drivers of rental vehicles have no liability for the other driver (unless you were breaking the law, e.g. driving under the influence of alcohol/drugs, etc.)
  • Damages to other cars that are charged out of your excess (and usually called "Third Party Damages" on the bill) by the rental company are always insured by
  • Regardless of who is "at fault", you will be required to pay for damages in any single or multi-vehicle accident. reimburses you those costs straight away and if we determine that the rental company would otherwise reimburse you later on, once their insurer successfully claims from the other driver's insurer, we will collect the funds on your behalf. More information will be provided during the Claims process. 
  • Our policies provide coverage to excess payments that you make to the rental company, so of course we provide coverage to third party damages! Whatever is on the final invoice, we pay!
Here is a checklist of what to expect at the rental desk in Australia/NZ and what to say:
  • Most rental companies offer a waiver that is variously titled "Excess Reduction", "Excess Waiver", "Damage Waiver", or something similar.'s "Zero Excess Rental Cover" is a cheap alternative to this waiver and covers all types of accidents and damages.
  • You will not be offered Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) or Loss Damage Waiver (LDW) at the rental desk because - unlike Europe, Asia and the US - the excess for rental vehicles in Australia and NZ is never the full value of the car, it is only somewhere between $500 and $7500, depending on the rental company and vehicle. You will not hear any mention of CDW or LDW
  • You will not be offered Personal Accident Insurance (insures you and your passengers if there is an accident) or Liability Insurance (provides coverage to third party injuries). The former is available to most travellers via their travel insurance policy, and the latter is not required in Australia because car rentals include "third party" liability.
Find out more about what to do at the rental desk in the USA, Canada or the UK/Europe.

Rental Guide: Destination Canada

CDW (車両・対物事故免責額補償制度)/LDW (自車両損害金支払免除制度)

カナダにおける多くのレンタカー会社は、事故に遭った際に自己負担となる"免責"を減らす車両・対物事故免責額補償制度/CDW (盗難保険が含まれている場合はLDW/自車両損害金支払免除制度という名称) への加入を勧めてきます。ほとんどのレンタカー会社はフロントガラス、タイヤなどの項目を除外しており、時折CDW/LDWがお客様の支払うべき負担金額をCAD$500〜$2000へ下げる事もできます。負担金額をCAD$0にするCDWやLDWを提供するレンタカー会社はごく稀だと言っていいでしょう。上記の比較ツールを利用して各レンタカー会社の情報をチェック!


第三者に対する"追加自動車損害賠償保険" (SLI)について

カナダでは州によってシステムが異なり、第三者への賠償(レンタカー会社の第三者に対する"追加自動車損害賠償保険"/SLIと呼ばれる) への加入が義務付けられ、法律により求められる最低の補償額がかなり少額な事もあります。すなわち、車両を運転する人が第三者に対する怪我の責任を負うことになります。(事故相手のドライバーや同乗者の怪我、あるいは車両の損傷)

法的な第三者補償最低額 サプライヤーのSLI補償
アルバータ州 CA$200,000 CA$1-2百万
ブリティッシュコロンビア州 CA$200,000 CA$1-2百万
マニトバ州 CA$200,000 CA$1-2百万
ニューブランズウィック州 CA$200,000 CA$1-2百万
ニューファンドランド州 CA$200,000 CA$1-2百万
ノバスコシア州 CA$500,000 CA$1-2百万
オンタリオ州 CA$200,000 CA$1-2百万
プリンスエドワードアイランド州 CA$200,000 CA$1-2百万
ケベック州 CA$50,000 CA$1-2百万
サスカチュワン州 CA$200,000 CA$1-2百万

もしこの保険がレンタカー予約に含まれていない場合、現地カウンターにて加入するように勧められます。また、事故責任保険(ALI) や賠償責任保険 (LIS) にも加入するようレンタカー会社は勧めてくるでしょう。レンタカー会社が提供するSLIの補償額は通常CAD$1,000,000〜 $2,000,000の間となっています。基本的には、SLIを勧められた場合は加入される事をお勧めします。

個人傷害・個人所持品保険 (個人の怪我を補償する保険)

個人傷害・個人所持品保険 (PAI) は、レンタカーの利用中に起こった事故で運転者と同乗者の医療費、病院への緊急搬送や事故死を補償する保険です。カナダにおいて、ニューファンドランド州とラブラドール州以外の全ての州でPAIに加入する事が法的な義務となっていますが、限度額が低いのが難点です。(数千ドル) レンタカー会社が提供する "追加PAI"の補償額は最大CAD百万ドルとなっています。もし運転者や同乗者が怪我をした際の費用をカバーするには十分な金額です。

スーパーCDW / スーパーLDW

カナダのレンタカー会社は事故の損害費用を全額免除しない事を前提に(自己負担金がゼロではない)、中には"スーパーCDW"/"スーパーLDW"と呼ばれる保険を提供するレンタカー会社もあります。こらは、CDWが適用された後に負担する残金を免除する保険です。(カナダではCAD$500〜2000の間が一般的) RentalCover.comではこれらの代用となる保険を提供しています。RentalCover.comの保険は半額な上、自己負担となってしまう多額の損害に関する費用を補償し、レンタカー会社が通常除外する項目にも対応しています.

Here is a checklist of what to expect at the rental desk in Canada and what to say:
  • With "Extra Cover for Canada", you will not need to purchase any Roadside Assistance Coverage at the rental desk. This policy will also cover you for any "out of pocket" cost resulting from an accident.Read on for more "Extra Cover for Canada" info.
  • If your booking does not already include it, you will be offered Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) or Loss Damage Waiver (LDW, which is CDW plus Theft Protection) at the rental desk. Your booking confirmation will tell you if CDW or LDW is included, and our overview of CDW/LDW in Canada might also be useful. If you are from Canada we recommend bringing your personal car's insurance certificate as it insures you for any car anywhere that you travel. If you don't have your own policy or wish to avoid small claims, you can buy CDW on (from March 2016 onwards). If you need help identifying if CDW is included in your car booking, please complete the form below. 
  • You will be offered a waiver that is variously titled Super CDW, Excess Waiver, Damage Liability Waiver, or something similar.'s "Zero Excess Rental Cover" is a cheap alternative to this waiver and covers all types of accidents and damages. Read on for an overview of how insurance works in Canada.
  • If it isn't included in your booking, you will be offered Liability Insurance (also called Supplementary Liability Insurance (SLI) and LIS). There is more information in our SLI for Canada/the US FAQ. We recommend purchasing SLI if it wasn't included in your booking. 
  • If it isn't included in your booking, you will be offered Personal Accident Insurance (PAI), which provides coverage for personal injuries that befall you or your passengers as a result of an accident. 
Find out more about what to do at the rental desk in the USA, Australia/NZ or the UK/Europe.

Rental Guide: Destination EU/UK







  • もしレンタカー予約に車両を引き取る際に車両・対物事故免責額補償制度(CDW)や自車両損害金支払免除制度(LDWというCDWに盗難保険が付いたもの)が含まれてない場合、営業所にて加入するように勧められます。レンタカーを予約された際の確認メールにCDWかLDWが含まれているかが記載されていますので、必ずご確認ください。また、ヨーロッパにおけるCDW/LDWの概要も参考にしてください。お客様が米国に居住されているのであれば個人で加入されている自動車保険証書をご持参ください。どの旅行先のどの車両に対しても有効です。自動車保険に加入していないもしくは細かい請求を避けたい方は、RentalCover.comのCDWへご加入ください。(2016年3月以降)もしお客様のレンタカー予約にCDWが含まれているがご不明な方は、以下の問い合わせフォームをご利用ください。
  • スーパーCDW(SCDW), 免責免除/Excess Waiver, 損傷賠責免除/Damage Liability Waiverなどの様々な名称の免責制度やこれらと似た保険へ加入するよう勧められますが、お勧め致しません。その代わりに、レンタカー会社が通常補償しないあらゆる内容を補償するRentalCover.comの"Zero Excess Rental Cover(免責ゼロ補償)"へご加入ください。充実した補償内容で半額の料金です。詳しい説明は ヨーロッパにおける自動車保険の概要をご覧ください。
  • 賠償責任保険(第三者に対する"追加自動車損害賠償保険/SLIまたはCivil Liability Insuranceという名称)に加入するように勧められることはありません。詳しい内容は「よくある質問」にある EU圏内における第三者へ対する保険をご覧ください。
  • レンタカー予約に含まれてない場合、事故の際にお客様と同乗者の怪我を補償する個人傷害・個人所持品保険(PAI)に加入するように勧められます。PAIは殆どの海外旅行保険に含まれており、またオンラインでも加入できる保険です。(RentalCover.comのこのページ上に記載された時点)
米国, カナダオーストラリア/ニュージーランドの営業所で注意すべき点も合わせてご覧ください。

Rental Guide: Destination Latin American Countries

US Residents traveling to Latin American countries and Mexico are encouraged to purchase our Collision Damage Coverage plan. All of our plans comply with the CNSF regulations in the Mexican Territory (rental companies may ask you about this). This zero deductible plan is primary coverage so you do not need to file a claim against your auto insurance. Instead, for travel outside the US you would pay the repair costs and AON quickly reimburses you (if you travel within the US, AON handles the full claim themselves).

Here's the two main products sold by rental companies in Latin America:

1. CDW: Collision Damage Waivers (also called Loss Damage Waivers if they include Theft Protection) have a deductible/excess. Depending on the country and rental company the deductible can be between US$500 and US$5,000. Daily cost is up to US$30.
2. SCDW: Super Collision Damage Waivers (which have multiple other names that are designed to confuse renters) reduce the deductible/excess towards $0. The more you pay, the closer to $0 it gets and there's less exclusions. Daily cost is up to US$20.

For US Residents, the Collision Damage Coverage that we sell is equivalent to both of the above so you should purchase neither of them voluntarily from the rental company. US Residents might come across some unscrupulous rental companies who force you to purchase their Collision Damage Waiver (#1 above) in which case you should still refuse their SCDW. Our Collision Damage Coverage will still save you US$10-$20 per day vs SCDW. Unfortunately though, and only in the case scenario where you are forced (ie. rental company not providing you with the car rental), you would have to buy their CDW.

For non-US Residents, our Zero Excess Rental Cover is equivalent to the second waiver type above. At the time of writing, does not sell a CDW-equivalent policy for non-US Residents picking up in Latin America. Our Zero Excess Rental Cover is at least 50% cheaper. We recommend that you check your rental confirmation to see if you have CDW included. Most booking agency websites and rental companies include it with the booking, but if it is not included and you are not a US Resident with our Collision Damage Coverage, you should purchase CDW but not SCDW.

You might also be sold Roadside Assistance Coverage and Theft Protection. Theft is not required if you are able to use your Collision Damage Coverage for US Residents.

Rental Guide: Destination Namibia/Africa

The insurance requirements for travel in Africa differ for each country and rental company. The following is a brief overview however we also recommend that you check the terms of your rental agreement and discuss how insurance works in your particular country of travel. Your rental confirmation will indicate if your booking includes CDW. US Residents who have our Collision Damage Coverage plan do not need CDW/LDW nor SCDW/SLDW from the rental companies.

CDW (Collision Damage Waiver)/LDW (Loss Damage Waiver)

In Africa most rental companies will offer Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) (also called LDW/Loss Damage Waiver if it includes theft) to reduce the "excess" you must pay in the event of an accident. CDW and LDW reduce the excess from the full value of the car towards US$2000 (ZAR31000).'s Collision Damage Coverage is a cheap alternative to the CDW and SCDW.

Our Collision Damage Coverage for US Residents performs the same role as CDW, for at least half the cost. If there is damage to the rental vehicle you would pay and them file a claim with AON who would reimburse the costs. For non-US Residents, we recommend that you take out CDW from the rental company.

Super CDW / Super LDW to Reduce the Excess Payable

As with European, Australian and NZ rentals, CDW & LDW in Africa have a high excess that is reducible with SCDW/SLDW. The excess amount is usually in the range of US$1500-$2000 (ZAR27000), which can be waived by purchasing SCDW or SLDW.'s "Zero Excess Rental Cover" is a cheap alternative to Super CDW/Super LDW and covers all types of accidents and damages.

Liability Insurance/Supplementary Liability Insurance (SLI) for Injuries to Third Parties

Most car rental bookings for visitors to Africa include SLI (also called Accident Liability Insurance/ALI or LIS). Feel free to email us if you're unsure about what your policy includes. At the time of writing we do not sell Liability Insurance.

Most countries in Africa require drivers to have their own third party liability insurance. This provides coverage to drivers if they are involved in an accident with another vehicle or pedestrian. Importantly, third party insurance is legislated within distinct African regions that include several countries each. A "liability" card (i.d. third party insurance certificate/policy) will insure you for a specific region (i.e. the policy works across borders). The regions are:

  • COMESA (Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa): Commonly called the Yellow Card, it provides coverage to Burundi, Djibouti, Republic of Congo, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya, Malawi, Rwanda, Sudan, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, and Zimbabwe, however it does not insure you in the country of purchase (i.e. you need to purchase it before you arrive). South Africa is not part of COMESA.
  • CEMAC (Economic and Monetary Community of Central Africa): Commonly called the Pink Card, it provides coverage to Cameroon, Central African Republic, Chad, Congo, Gabon and Equatorial Guinea.
  • ECOWAS (Economic Community of West African States): Commonly called the Brown Card, it provides coverage to Benin, Burkina Faso, Gambia, Ghana, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Ivory Coast, Liberia, Mali, Niger, Nigeria, Senegal, Sierra Leone and Togo. Cape Verde is the only ECOWAS country who doesn't take part in this scheme.
  • AL (Arab League): Commonly called the Orange Card, it provides coverage to Northern Africa as well as the Middle East - Algeria, Bahrain, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Mauritania, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Syria, United Arab Emirates and Yemen. Morocco and Tunisia are part of the European Green Card scheme. Comoros and Palestine do not take part in these card agreements.

Personal Accident Insurance (PAI) for Injuries to Yourself or Your Passengers

PAI (Personal Accident Insurance) insures you and your passengers for accidental medical costs, emergency care and accidental death during your rental trip. Some companies will sell extra PAI coverage as an optional add-on, and this will provide much better coverage if you or a passenger is injured.

Rental Guide: Destination United States

This is a summary of the main products offered by the rental companies for travel in the USA. In the US it is not mandatory for car owners (i.e. the rental companies) to insure hired cars nor is it mandatory for them to insure the drivers against third party personal & property damage (this is called "Liability Insurance" or "Supplementary Liability Insurance"), nor personal injury to the driver (called "Personal Accident Insurance"). Those responsibilities fall to the renter. This is not the case in the EU, Australia, NZ and most other countries so it is important that you understand the options and purpose of each insurance product that you will be offered by the rental companies! The other main difference to other countries is that the rental companies do not offer "Super CDW", "Super LDW" or equivalent "premium" insurance products. When sold in Europe and most of the World, these products are designed to reduce your excess towards zero from an amount that is usually between €/£/$1,000-4,000. In the US all rentals are sold with either the renter being liable for the full amount of the vehicle, or there is zero deductible excess: there's nothing in between! Our "Extra Cover for USA" fills the considerable "out of pocket" costs that still remain even when there is no deductible excess.


From March 2016 onwards, will be selling CDW for US residents from AON. When you purchase CDW from the rental companies it is usually called "LDW" if it includes theft protection, so our policy is equivalent to LDW. The only difference between a CDW offered independently by us versus the policy offered at the rental desk is that your insurance company (AON) will handle the payments to the rental company for any damages, whereas there is no reimbursement/recovery process if you purchase the rental company's CDW/LDW.

It is important to know if your booking contains CDW or LDW! If it doesn't have it already and you are a US resident, you can buy it from If you are not a US resident, we always advise that you make sure your car booking includes CDW/LDW from the rental company. 

There are differences in how the websites of rental companies present CDW/LDW to international drivers vis-à-vis their agents (an "agent" might be an airline, hotel or a price comparison site):

1. For international drivers, the vast majority of websites will automatically include CDW or LDW. If for some other reason CDW or LDW is not automatically included, it will be available at the rental desk. Please read carefully when booking and check your car confirmation!

2. If you book from within the US or are a US resident, CDW/LDW will not be included by default. You can buy a policy from and save approximately 50% or add it at the rental desk. Sometimes you can add it on the website at the time of booking. Most US domestic travellers can rely on their credit cards or personal motor insurance, however the excess on those policies often outweighs the cost of rental vehicle repairs.

SLI (Supplementary Liability Insurance)

Rental companies also offer insurance for third party property and third party personal that is usually called SLI ("Supplementary Liability Insurance") or LIS or simply, "Liability". SLI provides coverage for claims relating to third parties, namely third party property and third party injury. These policies have coverage limits so you should be conscious of how much is reasonably needed in the event of a major accident and/or negligence. Given the potential liability we always stress to drive carefully in the US and always purchase SLI from the rental company.

At the time of writing, does not sell SLI.

Please also refer to our "What is SLI?" FAQ

Theft Protection

Theft Cover is also called Theft Protection and it may or may not provide coverage to arson and vandalism, depending on the policy. There will always be limitations surrounding negligence. We encourage you to read the relevant terms to check if your policy includes theft. Note also that's "CDW" and "Extra Cover for USA" policies include theft, arson and vandalism. 

PAI (Personal Accident Insurance)

PAI provides coverage to you and your passengers for personal injuries up to a certain limit. PAI is included automatically when an international driver books a car on either the rental company's website or via the website of an agent/airline/price comparison service. Please check the coverage limits on your policy if you have or intend to have personal accident insurance to determine if the cover is adequate. Check out our "What is PAI (Personal Accident Insurance)?" for examples and further detail.

Roadside Assistance's "Extra Cover for USA" policy includes free Roadside Assistance and it provides coverate to related costs such as callout fees, towing, fuel topup, tyres, windscreen repair, etc., plus the considerable out of pocket costs that you might incur (such as impound storage fees, key loss/replacement, headlight/battery repair/replacement, fire and theft, "relocation fees" to get the vehicle back to its intended destination, card fees that are applied along the way, administration/processing fees for accidents, and "loss of use" fees that are charged while the vehicle is off the road being fixed).




重要: ロードサイドアシスタンス

RentalCover.comは北米のロードサイドアシスタンスネットワークで最も評価の高いUrgently と提携してサービスを提供しています。Urgently の緊急連絡先は当社のアプリ( AppleAndroidに対応) と、お客様に届く確認メールに記載されています。ご利用が必要になった際は慎重に手順に従ってください。万が一Urgently を利用されなかった場合はお客様に大きな負担が発生する可能性があります。お客様がUrgently をご利用になった場合は当社が支払いを済ませますが、レンタカー会社のロードサイドのオペレーターが対応したお客様にその請求が課されます。そうなった場合、お客様ご自身でこの費用とその他の自己負担費用を保険金の請求から請求してください。


Urgently 緊急フリーダイヤル:緊急連絡先は確認メールに記載されています。もしくは当社のアプリ(AppleAndroidに対応)からご確認ください。お客様がレンタカー会社に支払うべきロードサイドでのトラブルによる費用は返金され、Urgently へは当社がお客様の代わりに支払う仕組みです。

走行中での緊急トラブル: 対処方法は損傷/事故/故障の種類によって異なります!


  • 事故/損傷:レンタカー会社へ電話し、指定された業者ではなくご自身が希望するサービス業者 (Urgently) に委託できるかを確認する。了承された場合、業者が出動する具体的な場所をUrgently へ伝える。
  • バッテリー:Urgently へ電話
  • 燃料:Urgently へ電話
  • ヘッドライト、その他のライト: Urgently へ電話
  • 鍵の紛失や鍵の閉じ込め:Urgently へ電話
  • 機械的なトラブル:レンタカー会社へ電話し、希望するサービス業者に委託できるかを確認する。了承された場合、引取りの具体的な場所をUrgently へ伝える。
  • タイヤ:Urgently へ電話
  • フロントガラス:レンタカー会社へ電話し、希望するサービス業者に委託できるかを確認する。了承された場合、引取りの具体的な場所をUrgently へ伝える。

Urgently へ電話する際の手順:

  1. RentalCover.comの予約番号(語尾に"INS"がついている番号)を用意してください。
  2. Urgently がレッカー車を派遣します。
  3. レッカー移動車がお客様の場所まで迎えに行き、現場まで同行していただきます。
  4. 当社がUrgently へ支払いを済ませます。



さらに詳しい情報や米国におけるその他の補償については米国における保険の概要をご覧ください。 また、こちらの記事も参考にしてください。


  • 車両を引き取る際、ロードサイドアシスタンス保険への加入を勧められますが加入するべきではありません。その代りに、事故や故障が起きた時に"自己負担"となってしまう様々な項目を補償するRentlaCover.comの"米国における追加補償"へご加入ください。この補償は盗難やレンタカー会社が請求する多額の費用、例えば"利用不可能"時の損害(車両が修理中の期間に請求される費用)、"転送"費(返却予定の場所へ車両を移動させる費用)そして"事務手数"料(事故が起きた際に書類を処理する手数料)にも対応しています。更に詳しくお知りになりたい方は"米国における追加補償"の詳細をご覧ください。
  • RentalCover.comでは、レンタカー会社で販売されている"車両・対物事故免責額補償制度(CDW)"や"自車両損害金支払免除制度"(LDWと呼ばれCDWに盗難保険が付いたもの)と同等の内容の"車両・対物事故補償"もご提供しています。同等の内容ですが、当社の車両・対物事故補償は少なくとも50%安くなっています。もしお客様が(一回のもしくは年間プランの)旅行用に当社の車両・対物事故補償に加入されていれば、CDWはもう不要です。もしお客様のレンタル内容に既にレンタカー会社のCDWが含まれている場合は、再度加入を勧めることはありません。また、米国におけるCDW/LDWの概要も参考にしてください。
  • 賠償責任保険(又は第三者に対する"追加自動車損害賠償保険"「SLI」やLISと呼ばれるもの)がレンタカー予約に含まれていない場合、現地カウンターで加入するように勧められます。更に詳しくお知りになりたい方は よくある質問・米国におけるSLIについてを参考にしてください。レンタカー予約にSLIが含まれていない場合は、ご加入されることをお勧めします。
  • 事故によりお客さま本人や同乗者が怪我をした場合に補償される個人傷害・個人所持品保険(PAI)がレンタカー予約に含まれていない場合、現地カウンターで加入するように勧められます。PAIはほとんどの旅行保険に含まれておりオンラインでも加入できます。(RentalCover.com上にこの文章を記載した時点に限る)  

Our Collision Damage Coverage plan is for US Residents and has a $0 deductible. As it's primary coverage you do not have to make a claim against your auto insurance. Additional drivers who are on the rental agreement with you are covered free of charge and it's a zero deductible plan. 

As outlined in our general overview of car rental insurance in the USA, the insurance options are different to the rest of the World. The US is a zero deductible market, so there's no repair costs to pay if you have Collision Damage Coverage. The only costs to pay are collision-related fees that are charged by the rental companies such as "loss of use", relocation and administration fees (all are included in our Extra Cover product).

All other countries have a deductible (called "excess" outside of the US). There are consequently two policies to be aware of:

1. CDW: Outside of the US, Collision Damage Waivers (also called Loss Damage Waivers if they include Theft Protection) provide coverage up to the full value of the car, but they also have a deductible/excess. Depending on the country and rental company the deductible can be between US$500 and US$5,000.
2. SCDW: Outside of the US, Super Collision Damage Waivers (which have multiple other names that are designed to confuse renters) reduce the deductible/excess towards $0. They do not exist in the US because the US is a zero deductible market. With SCDW, the more you pay, the deductible/excess gets closer to $0, and there's less exclusions such as windscreens & tires.

Please see our FAQ entitled "What to do at the rental desk in Latin American countries" and there's more details in our rental guides for USEurope, Australia/NZ, Canada and Africa

AON handles claims on your behalf once you file a claim or inform them of the incident (check your Policy Wording or confirmation emails for details). For travel outside of the US, you would may be required to pay the rental company and then AON will reimburse you. If you are unable to pay, AON will step in to pay on your behalf. Read on for more information about claims for "Collision Damage Coverage".

Rental Guide: Destination Worldwide




Rental Guide: Insurance products


免責額を全額から(通常€/£/$1,000〜2,000に)減額する制度は一般的に"CDW"("車両・対物事故免責額補償制度/Collision Damage Waiver")と呼ばれています。お客様の賠償責任を€/£/$0に向けて減額する制度は一般にSuper CDWと呼ばれています。(オーストラリアやニュージーランドでは "免責減額"と呼ばれる事も多く、損害賠償金など様々な名称がありますが目的は同じです)。CDWに盗難保険が付加した制度はLDW("自車両損害金支払免除制度/Loss Damage Waiver")と呼ばれ、Super CDWに盗難保険が付加したものはSuper LDWと呼ばれます。



ヨーロッパにおいて、第三者賠償保険(通常 "civil liability”と呼ばれる)は車両の所有者に責任があり、事故相手の車両や個人の怪我を補償します。この保険なしではレンタカー会社は車両を貸し出すことができません。その結果、この保険はレンタカー会社から加入を勧められる事がなく、もちろんRentalCover.comが提供する事もありません。;



米国と南アメリカのある地域では、レンタカーの運転者に第三者の賠償責任が課せられます。これらの国でレンタカーを利用する際には、現地カウンターにてSupplementary Liability Insurance (SLI 又は LIS)への加入を求められ、時にはレンタカー会社のウェブサイトから加入を勧められる事もあります。 SLIは事故相手の運転手やその同乗者 (“第三者傷害”又は”第三者パーソナル”と呼ばれます)に怪我を負わせてしまった運転手、事故により損傷があった他の車(“第三者資産”)を補償します。米国のいくつかの州では、レンタカー会社を含む全ての車両はSLIの加入が強要されています。しかしながら、第三者損害に対し州の最低補償額は一般的に低い為、SLI保険へ加入することをお勧めします。現時点で、RentalCover.comはSLIの取り扱いはしておりません。



オーストラリアやニュージーランドでは、車両の保有者(すなわちレンタカー会社)が第三者賠償保険に加入する事が義務付けられており、この保険なしでは車両の登録や貸し出しが出来ないようになっています。ニュージーランドではACCと呼ばれる政府のプログラムが第三者賠償を取り扱い、"過失"の責任を求めない制度となっています。 第三者の所有物(他者の車両を損傷した場合)は"総合保険"の一部として適用されますが、 "第三者"の損害を利用客に請求するレンタカー会社もあります。 フロントガラスの交換やレッカー移動の費用が免責補償の対象外である為に自己負担となるのと同様です。結果としてレンタカー会社は、第三者の損害が補償されているにも関わらず利用客にこの請求をするのです。(他車への損傷は彼らの総合保険に補償されるはずです)レンタカー会社のErgoは、事故から利益を得る方法を見つけたのです!RentalCover.comの全保険はこの様な第三者賠償に対応し、規定内の補償金額が支払われます。注意すべき点は、お客様が事故を起こしたわけでない("過失がない")のに請求してくる悪質なレンタカー会社が存在するという事です。RentalCover.comの保険は誰に過失があるかを識別せず、"過失がない"ドライバーが支払い済みの費用を後に返金する別の方法を用いています。




事故が起きた際にレンタカー会社に支払う費用は、お客様の"免責"または"責任"と呼ばれています。レンタカー会社は、事故が起きた際にお客様の免責を車両の全額から引き下げる、車両・対物事故免責額補償制度(CDW)を提供しています。CDWはお客様の免責を€/£/$0に(米国やカナダでは一般的)、もしくはおよそ€/£/$1,000〜€/£/$3,000(ヨーロッパ、オーストラリア/ニュージーランドや北米以外の全てのマーケットの場合)まで減額します。残りの免責額を€/£/$0まで下げるため、レンタカー会社は"Super CDW"、 "Super LDW"(CDWと盗難を含みます)を販売しています。多くの異なった名称で呼ばれますが(例:オーストラリア・ニュージーランドでは"免責額減額/excess reduction")、補償の目的は同じです。




SLI("追加自動車損害賠償保険/Supplementary Liability Insurance")とは、第三者やその車両が被った損害に対して補償する保険です。国によってはこの保険を車両所有者(レンタカー会社)に対して法的に義務付けています。しかしながら米国では殆どの州が第三者に対する保険を義務付けていません。ということは、第三者、またはその所有物に損害を起こした場合は運転手の責任になる可能性があるのです。










個人 複数の人 所有物 SLIが補償する金額
カリフォルニア $15,000 $30,000 $5,000 $100万〜200万
フロリダ $10,000 $20,000 $10,000 $100万〜200万
ネバダ $15,000 $30,000 $10,000 $100万〜200万
ニューヨーク $25,000 $50,000 $10,000 $100万〜200万
その他の州 $10~50,000 $30~100,000 $5~25,000 $100万〜200万











PAI ("搭乗者傷害保険")とは、レンタカーをご利用中に事故が起き、お客様と同乗者に対し医療費や救急医療、また死亡した場合に一定の限度内の金額が補償される保険です。搭乗者傷害保険に加入されている、または加入しようとされている場合は、契約にある補償額を確認し、補償が十分であるかどうか判断してください。








請求内容 通常の保証金額
事故で運転手が死亡した場合 $100,000〜$200,000
事故で同乗者が死亡した場合 $10,000~$30,000
怪我に対する医療費 $2,500~$5,000
救急車の出動費 $250~$500





What happens if there's an accident?

You pay the rental company and we reimburse you the repair cost.

What if the excess charged by the rental company exceeds the repair cost?

If its a single vehicle accident the difference will be repaid within a week. Once that refund takes place we are ready to pay you the outstanding amount. This is why our target for claims payments is 7 business days.

If its a multiple vehicle accident it's a different story. Keep reading...

What's the process if there's more than one vehicle in the accident?

The rental company will deduct your full excess until the insurers close the case.

So summarise what that all means!

The rental company will deduct the full excess amount if there's significant damage to the vehicle. Timing for your refund will differ based on:

1. If the accident involves your vehicle only, you will get a refund soon after the repairs are done.
2. If the accident involves two or more vehicles, the rental company will keep your full excess until the insurers close the case. Your rental company will refund you either:
a) The excess charges less repair costs, or
b) the full excess if your rental company refunds drivers who are not at fault.

For any other questions, please don't hesitate to call us!

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