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Are 4x4s Insured? What about unsealed roads?

Are 4x4s Insured?

Some but not all policies are providing coverage for 4x4s and offroad driving. Please refer to your policy wording to see if 4x4s are included.

Are unsealed roads insured?

Some of our policies allow driving on unsealed roads as long as those roads are permitted for travel by the rental company. If you have a 4x4 the rental company will usually nominate which roads are/are not permitted.

Driving on Unsealed Roads That Are Not Permitted

If you have an accident or if the vehicle is damaged on a non-permitted road your potential liability will exceed your excess because it is deemed a "violation" of the rental agreement. Your rental company may apply significant legal fees to your bill so your excess may even exceed the total cost of the vehicle if it is a serious accident. We strongly advise drivers to comply with the terms of the rental agreement! All claims are invalidated if there is a violation of the rental company's terms.

Driving on Unsealed Roads That Are Permitted

If the rental company permits it, and your policy provides coverage for 4x4s, policies provide coverage on unsealed roads. If a rental company allows driving on unsealed roads they will specify which ones can be driven on or they will specify the limits, for instance, driveways, campsite roads etc are usually permitted.

What about water damage?

Similar to above, if you have not breached the vehicle rental agreement you will be able to make a claim. Most companies consider water damage a breach of the agreement conditions. Therefore they reserve the right to charge you for repairs that might exceed the vehicle excess (i.e. they can charge you the full cost of vehicle replacement).


Example: When a 4x4 Isn't Insured customer Mick Jagger is taking some time out of his busy 9 to 5 job to explore the wilderness of Brazil. While exploring Mick takes his hired 4x4 vehicle across a river trail to avoid driving an extra mile to the next bridge. Unfortunately for Mick the water level is much higher than he'd thought, and his car gets stuck halfway.

Most rental companies will deem Mick's accident a breach of their terms, and therefore for once in his life something isn't going to go Mick Jaggers way. Unfortunately, he will have to pay the full cost of recovering the vehicle plus the cost of any damages to the car. Similarly Mick won't be able to claim any of his costs from because he breached the rental agreement terms.

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