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What should I do at the rental desk in Latin American Countries

US Residents traveling to Latin American countries and Mexico are encouraged to purchase our Collision Damage Coverage plan. This zero deductible plan is primary coverage so you do not need to file a claim against your auto insurance. Instead, for travel outside the US you would pay the repair costs and AON quickly reimburses you (if you travel within the US, AON handles the full claim themselves).

Here's the two main products sold by rental companies in Latin America:

1. CDW: Collision Damage Waivers (also called Loss Damage Waivers if they include Theft Protection) have a deductible/excess. Depending on the country and rental company the deductible can be between US$500 and US$5,000. Daily cost is up to US$30.
2. SCDW: Super Collision Damage Waivers (which have multiple other names that are designed to confuse renters) reduce the deductible/excess towards $0. The more you pay, the closer to $0 it gets and there's less exclusions. Daily cost is up to US$20.

For US Residents, the Collision Damage Coverage that we sell is equivalent to both of the above so you should purchase neither of them voluntarily from the rental company. US Residents might come across some unscrupulous rental companies who force you to purchase their Collision Damage Waiver (#1 above) in which case you should still refuse their SCDW. Our Collision Damage Coverage will still save you US$10-$20 per day vs SCDW. Unfortunately though, and only in the case scenario where you are forced (ie. rental company not providing you with the car rental), you would have to buy their CDW.

For non-US Residents, our Zero Excess Rental Cover is equivalent to the second waiver type above. At the time of writing, does not sell a CDW-equivalent policy for non-US Residents picking up in Latin America. Our Zero Excess Rental Cover is at least 50% cheaper. We recommend that you check your rental confirmation to see if you have CDW included. Most booking agency websites and rental companies include it with the booking, but if it is not included and you are not a US Resident with our Collision Damage Coverage, you should purchase CDW but not SCDW.

You might also be sold Roadside Assistance Coverage and Theft Protection. Theft is not required if you are able to use your Collision Damage Coverage for US Residents.

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