How to cancel, extend or shorten your policy

Please follow the steps below to start the process. Refund amounts differ based on your policy, when the policy is scheduled to commence and your booking agent (if you booked through one of our partners). 

To cancel, extend or shorten your cover please follow these steps:

1. Visit My Account.

2. Next login. To do this you will need your booking reference number which ends with “-INS”, this can be found in the subject line of your confirmation email.

3. Lastly, choose your policy and select either Extend / Reduce Cover dates or Cancel. If you booked via a partner, you may be redirected to their site. Otherwise, we will handle the cancellation and refund. In this case, before your refund is issued, you may receive an email offering you the choice of a credit note (with bonus credit). If you opt for the credit note, this will be issued instantly. If you opt for a cash refund, please allow between 3 and  25 days for it to show in your account, depending on where you booked.

Please read this article for more information on credit notes.

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