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Our Claims Team demystifies the damage component of car rental invoices so you don't get stuck with questionable charges from rental companies!

7 Of The Most Unbelievably Picturesque Drives In Europe

  • Published on: 20th April 2019

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Guide to Driving in Europe

  • Published on: 9th April 2019

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Renting A Car In The UK: What You Need To Know

  • Published on: 4th April 2019

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7 things to check before purchasing car rental insurance

  • Published on: 29th March 2019

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7 car rental insurance mistakes and how to avoid them

  • Published on: 28th February 2019

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The Definitive Guide to Renting a Car: Tips and tricks to help you save

  • Published on: 23rd February 2019

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The Best Road Trips in Australia

  • Published on: 4th August 2018

Ready for the ultimate Australian road trip? Here’s a list of the best and most beautiful road trips to go on while in Australia.... Continue reading >

What is PAI (Personal Accident Insurance)?

  • Published on: 28th July 2018

Personal Accident Insurance (PAI) insures drivers of a rental car and their passengers for accidental medical costs.... Continue reading >

The Best Road Trips in Canada

  • Published on: 20th July 2018

Ready for the ultimate Canadian road trip? Here’s a list of the best and most beautiful road trips to go on while in Canada... Continue reading >

What is SLI (Supplementary Liability Insurance)?

  • Published on: 13th July 2018

Supplementary Liability Insurance insures you for injuries to other drivers and their vehicles. In some countries... Continue reading >

The Best Road Trips in Italy

  • Published on: 6th July 2018

Ready for the ultimate Italian road trip? Here’s a list of the best and most beautiful road trips in Italy... Continue reading >

Hundreds of Aggrieved Customers Refunded by Hertz Totalling $395,000

  • Published on: 6th April 2016

Another bust for a giant rental car company for charging false damage amounts to its customers. Hundreds of Hertz customers will be refunded after a Consumer Commission decision... Continue reading >

Hertz Gold Members Get The Same Treatment As Everyone Else! More Questionable Charges

  • Published on: 1st July 2015

I am a Hertz Gold Member. On May 4, 2015, I picked up my reserved rental G5473367445 at the Florence airport in Florence Italy. After an incident-free holiday, I returned the vehicle at the end of my rental period. The Hertz representative in Lamezia Terme proceeded to circle the vehicle, inspecting every square inch for damage. After finding nothing visible the first time, he went around several other times, at least five, looking at all the door panels, undercarriage, trunk, roof, etc. It appeared he was trying very hard to find some issue with the vehicle...  Continue Reading >

ABC's The Checkout - Car Rental Rip-offs and How to Save on Car Hire Excess Insurance

  • Published on: 23rd June 2015

Kirsten Drysdale from The Checkout (a poular consumer affairs show) rents a car and examines the scams and rip-offs in the car rental industry. In doing so she profiles us, cos, well, we don't rip customers off! She also discusses the alternatives to the rental company's excess waivers (ours) and how the rental companies exclude pretty much everything from their policies (windscreen damage, headlight damage, tyre damage, single vehicle accidents etc etc). Watch the video above!