Hundreds of Aggrieved Customers Refunded by Hertz Totalling $395,000

Another bust for a giant rental car company for charging false damage amounts to its customers. Hundreds of Hertz customers will be refunded after a Consumer Commission decision, according to the Sydney Morning Herald.

Over the last few years, Hertz has been under investigation and have admitted to charging customers for pre-existing damages to their rental vehicles. Following an Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) order, Hertz has since started refunding more than 700 of its customers for their charging errors.
"Vehicle rental companies must [also] ensure that they are transparent and accurate in communicating with their customers about the charges they are applying for vehicle rentals and repairs."

In some cases, Hertz had received discounts for tyres and windscreen repairs yet pocketed the full amounts from unknowing customers. 

This is by no means the first time rental car companies have been ordered to refund customers who were incorrectly charged for vehicle damage they did not cause, as our FAQ explains

You can read the full report on their site.

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