Are you a travel agent?

Do you need to make bookings for different clients?

We have just launched to fulfill the requirement for travel agents who want to offer our superior insurance coverage to their clients.

Registration are now open to qualifying travel agents, corporate travel managers, booking agents and those who need to book policies for multiple people under a single login.

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What are the benefits:
  • Single login to manage and administer multiple bookings
  • Each booking is created with the email address of the policy holder
  • Bookings can be edited by the agent and also directly by the user
  • Easy to user dashboard showing all bookings
  • We also pay very generous commissions to qualifying agents.
We also have an Affiliate Travel Program if you run a website and want to direct people to our site and make commission.

Best Rental Car Insurance for Travel Agents

By signing up to our Agency Program, you agree to our Terms & Conditions.

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