is part of Cover Genius, a distributor of insurance policies for the largest global internet companies. was the first brand to launch for the Cover Genius group and it has been one of the fastest growing companies to emerge from Australia's Fintech scene. Cover Genius now includes extensive partnership and call centre operations in 3 countries (UK, Australia & New Zealand), 18 languages and we offer 24x7 support for our customers who often engage after booking a car on one of our online car rental agency partners. was initially incorporated to address two significant problems within the auto rental industry. First and foremost is a consumer advocate in an industry that is continually prosecuted for ongoing insurance rorts against its customers. Renters throughout Europe, the US, Australia, New Zealand and beyond are continually subject to these scams. The scams take a few forms but generally involve the rental companies charging their customers for repairs that were not undertaken, hiding behind unacceptable exclusions that are hidden in their insurance policies or "forcing" consumers to take out their overpriced insurance. The second problem we address is the challenge of finding compliant policies for customers regardless of their country of origin and the country of travel. We have addressed this by stitching together a panel of both regional and global insurers who bring expertise to their regional markets, and we make those policies available to Online Travel Agents through our world-class enterprise technology solution.  


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Coverage for vehicles with less than 9 seats (including driver).