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Car rental insurance in United States

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So you’re renting a car in United States. Of course, no one wants to think about car rental insurance when taking in the splendor of , but buying rental car insurance before you go could save you thousands in repair costs, so it’s worth doing. At RentalCover.com, we’ve built a global business around giving customers better coverage at a better price. And we pay 95% of claims within 3 business days (upon approval), so you can save your USD for extra apple pie.
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At the rental desk...

Insurance offered & what you need to know
Collision Damage Waiver (CDW)
CDW/LDW waives damage costs in full with zero deductible. LDW is CDW + Theft Protection.
  • Can be purchased for US$20.00 - US$40.00 per day.
  • Any claim on your personal auto insurance will negatively impact your premiums.
  • The deductible is usually US$1,000 - US$1,500 if drivers rely on their personal auto plan.
  • May not cover accident-related fees.
Roadside Assistance Cover
Covers roadside costs such as towing, fuel and key lockout.
  • Can be purchased for US$10.00 - US$15.00 per day.
RentalCover.com Comparable insurance/full protection products & benefits
Collision Damage Insurance
Our Collision Damage Coverage is equivalent to CDW from the rental companies.
  • $0 deductible.
  • CDI is primary coverage so it won't impact your personal auto premiums.
  • Damage related charges and administration costs are reimbursed once the claim is approved.
  • Cancel anytime.
These are our top tips for outsmarting your car rental company.

Buy insurance before you go and save

If you don’t want to be on the hook for costly exclusions, buy rental car coverage before you go. With us, you’ll pay a fraction of the cost of insurance at the rental desk.

Capture the condition of the vehicle

Take pictures & videos of the vehicle before you leave to avoid unfair charges. Ensure any existing damage is marked up on the rental agreement as some cheeky rental car companies tend to charge customers for existing damages.

Just say 'no'

If you've bought Collision Damage Insurance with us, you can say 'no' to the hard sell for CDW/LDW from the rental company.

With Collision Damage Insurance...
  1. Notify your rental car company of the damage immediately.

  2. Go to rentalcover.com/claim to report all incidents.

  3. Submit any bills or required documents. Our underwriter US Fire will resolve any damage claims directly with the rental company.

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Coverage for vehicles with less than 9 seats (including driver). Excludes luxury/exotic cars.*