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Car rental insurance in New Zealand

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So you’re renting a car in New Zealand. No one wants to think about rental car insurance when taking in Milford Sound, but buying rental car insurance can save you thousands. Save 50% versus equivalent coverage at the rental desk. We aim to pay 95% of claims within 7 business days, so you can save your NZD for extra roast lamb.
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At the rental desk...

Insurance offered & what you need to know
Basic Waiver (CDW)
In New Zealand, CDW (also called Loss Damage Waiver, or ”LDW” if it includes theft protection) is always included when you rent cars online (it will not be offered at the rental desk). CDW covers damages but there’s a high excess to pay in the event of any damages (AU$4,000 -$7,500).
  • Excess payable for any damage is very high (up to AU$6,889.67 for cars to AU$10,334.50 for motorhomes). RentalCover Full Protection has a high limit that is designed to cover that payable excess.
  • Some types of damage are excluded by the rental company’s CDW. For instance some rental companies do not cover windscreens, cracks and chips, tyre punctures & replacements, and damages to headlights and underbody.
  • Expensive accident-related charges are added to your bill, including administration, towing and loss of use fees. 
Excess Waiver/Excess Reduction/Damage Liability Waiver etc.
Excess waivers are sold at the counter by rental companies to reduce your standard excess towards AUD$0.00, however it is expensive and the same exclusions apply.
  • Excess waivers cost NZ$48.78 - NZ$73.17 per day. RentalCover Full Protection is 50% cheaper, guaranteed.
  • They do not usually cover tyres, windscreens, roadside assistance costs & key loss. RentalCover’s Full Protection covers these.
  • Pay even more to get $0 excess.
  • Rental companies charge you even if you were not "at fault" in a collision with another vehicle. In Australia, when an accident occurs, the “not at fault” driver does not pay anything for damages. However, rental companies deduct your full excess and often do not refund the money at the end of the investigation (which can take several months). With RentalCover Full Protection, we step in on your behalf where possible to ensure you’re not out of pocket. We also help ensure that the rental companies treat you fairly if you weren’t at “fault”.
Roadside Assistance Cover
“RAC” is sold at the counter, it covers roadside costs such as towing, fuel and key lockout.
  • Rental companies sell RAC at the counter for NZ$16.26 - NZ$24.39 per day. RentalCover Full Protection has the same coverage and is 50% cheaper, guaranteed.
  • RAC does not cover key replacement and towing is capped (it can be expensive in New Zealand).
Personal Accident Insurance (PAI)
PAI is sold at the counter by rental companies. It compensates you for personal injuries (including passengers).
  • Rental companies sell PAI at the counter for NZ$16.26 - NZ$24.39.
  • The same coverage is often available via your credit card or other travel insurance policies.
RentalCover.com Comparable protection
Extra Cover for New Zealand
Extra Cover is a roadside assistance product with US$0.00 coverage in the event that you are charged accident-related fees or a deductible excess. It is complementary to the CDW that needs to be included.
  • Includes free cover for roadside assistance, key loss, towing, relocation, loss of use fees & more (saves you US$3.30 - US$6.61 per day.
  • No exclusions.
  • We guarantee to beat any price!
Full Protection
Equivalent to Excess Waiver + Roadside Assistance + $0 deductible excess.
  • Our Guarantee: We'll beat any price.
  • We pay 98% of claims within 3 business days.
  • Includes free cover for roadside assistance, towing (saves you NZ$8.13 - NZ$16.26 per day. Also covers key loss.
  • Covers accident-related fees.
  • You can cancel anytime up until vehicle collection.
  • Covers types of damage that the rental companies exclude.
These are our top tips to save money and hassle on your rental.

Pre-pay and save

Our Rental Car Damage Protection is available in connection with the largest online travel agencies globally or you can buy directly on RentalCover.com. Either way, you'll save 50% compared to the rental company's insurance.

Take photos before and after

Take photos and videos of the vehicle at both pickup and dropoff. During your claim, we’ll ask you to provide these photos and details if there are any unfair charges from your rental company. Take the time to capture any pre-existing damage and nominate those in your rental agreement to avoid excessive charges.

Just say 'no'

If you've bought Extra Cover with us, you can say 'no' to the hard sell for roadside assistance from the rental company.

If you've bought Full Protection with us, you do not need roadside assistance from the rental company. You are required to have a basic collision damage waiver offered by the car rental company.

† We compared the costs of collision damage protection sold by Cover Genius Insurance Services, LLC on RentalCover.com to the average cost of collision or loss damage waivers (including taxes and fees) for a one week rental (December 11 - 17, 2016). Cost comparison is in U.S. dollars and is based on online quotes provided by Alamo, Avis and Hertz for an airport pickup and drop-off of a compact car in Boston, Dallas, Las Vegas, Orlando, and Portland for a U.S resident over age 25. No discounts applied.
With Roadside Assistance...
  1. For roadside assistance, use the number provided in the glove box by your rental car company. We will reimburse your expenses when your claim is approved.

  2. For any other damages excluded by your CDW, keep the receipts and file your claim on rentalcover.com/claims once your rental has finished.
With Full Protection...
  1. Notify your rental car company of the damage immediately. They will advise next steps. If the costs are likely to exceed $3,000, please notify us via our claim form before paying any money to the rental company. Make sure you check your policy wording.

  2. When your rental is finished, submit your claim at rentalcover.com/claims. You will need these documents.

  3. We pay 98% of claims within 3 business days, but do keep in mind that settlement times may differ.

  4. If your rental company provides you with a new vehicle, your RentalCover.com policy will also cover the new vehicle for the duration of your policy provided it’s a like-for-like exchange. You do not need to notify us of the vehicle change.

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We provide protection for rental cars, including mini-vans, pickup trucks, and sport utility vehicles rented from a rental car agency. Does not cover commercial or offroad use or exotic cars.‡