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We've simplified rental car insurance. Includes information like what's covered, how it works and more.

Why use RentalCover.com?
Since 2014 we’ve specialised in providing customers with cover that’s up to 50% cheaper than what you’ll be offered at the rental desk.† 
What to do if your plan is refused at the rental desk, or "it is not recognized"?
Follow the tips in this article to avoid the hard sell and have a safe, stress-free trip...
I'm renting outside of North America. How does "Collision Damage Waiver" and "Super Collision Damage Waiver" work?
Here we explain the waivers sold by rental companies outside of the US and Canada.
Can I view and download my plan and invoice?
You can view, download or print your policy wording and invoice from your My Account page...
How to contact us
At RentalCover.com we support our millions of customers via our Help Center. Should you wish to contact us you can also reply to any of our emails. 
I have my own auto plan - do I need RentalCover.com?
Renting in America? You can benefit from our popular American primary insurance protection...
What is SLI (Supplemental Liability Insurance)?
Supplementary Liability Insurance insures you for injuries to other drivers and their vehicles.
How can I save money renting in the US & Canada? Why not use my personal auto plan?
RentalCover's equivalent plans save you money in several ways.
Are luxury vehicles, trucks, RVs, 4x4s, motorcycles, quad bikes or vans covered?
Unfortunately for US rentals we do not provide coverage for luxury vehicles, trucks, RVs, 4x4s, motorcycles, quad bikes or vans. These may be available if you are traveling internationally.
What is not covered by RentalCover Protection?

We often get asked if we offer the following products. You can sign in to view the full wording for your policies. In summary, here’s what we do cover...

What are the inclusions and exclusions of my plan?
Inclusions and exclusions can vary depending on your cover type so please check your policy wording to find out more. You can find your policy wording attached to your confirmation email, or download it from your account on RentalCover.com...
How are coverage days calculated?
Insurance policies are always calculated in full calendar days to ensure you are covered for the full trip even if you pick up early or drop off late...
Are luxury vehicles covered by RentalCover.com?
I got an unexpected charge from RentalCover on my credit card. Why?
If you see a charge from RentalCover.com on your credit card statement that you don’t recognize, it is likely because you added rental insurance through one of our approved partners, and it has been charged separately to your rental...
Can I use a single plan for multiple rentals or multiple countries?
Due to limitations from our insurers, our policies can only be used to cover one rental vehicle...
Who are RentalCover.com’s insurers?
We work with some of the largest and most respected insurers to provide you with coverage, no matter where you drive...
How to request a quote and buy your damage protection plan

Find out how much you could save on rental insurance by creating a free quote on our website.

What to do if you are unable to sign into your account
What are RentalCover.com’s age requirements?
Age requirements can vary depending on our policy provider. To see the limits that apply to you, please check your Policy Wording.
Is my replacement car insured by my plan?
If you damage your rental vehicle and the rental company provides you with a replacement, our insurance will automatically cover you, as long as the car type and policy holder details remain the same.
How can I change my email preferences?
You can update your email preferences at any time from your My Account page.
I want to check the status of my plan
You can check the status of your policy at any time by accessing your account...
What should I enter as my Country of Residence?
This country should be the same one you used in your address on your rental agreement...
Why can’t I see my policy limit in my local currency?
Glossary of key insurance terms
We understand that insurance, and especially insurance acronyms, can be confusing! In this short glossary we demystify the more commonly used terms you will hear used at the rental desk...
I accidentally canceled my RentalCover.com policy
I want to change the plan holder details or add a company name on my invoice
You can change policy holders any time before you pick up the vehicle.
What to do if payment to your card is declined
If your payment card was declined, please follow these steps...
How to extend or shorten your vehicle coverage dates
To shorten or extend your policy please follow these steps...
I want to purchase both CDW and SLI protection
Customer care and how you can find answers to your questions

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We provide protection for rental cars, including mini-vans, pickup trucks, and sport utility vehicles rented from a rental car agency. Does not cover commercial or offroad use or exotic cars.‡