What is the final invoice and why do I need this?

This invoice displays the final amount that you will have paid your rental company in the event of an accident, once the final charges have been settled.

The final rental invoice includes any deductible charges, minus any refunds you might have received from the rental company

We need this document to pay your claim as it confirms the final amount you have been charged.

If you are having difficulty obtaining this document, we recommend calling your rental company for a speedier response.

How to make a claim

After your trip has ended and your vehicle has been returned you can submit your claim using our online form.

When you first visit RentalCover you will need to activate your account. Simply find the RentalCover confirmation SMS or email in your inbox or spam and click the activation link. If you’re having issues, it may be because the email addresses of some Apple users aren’t shared with RentalCover. Instead, you can simply click on the link provided in the confirmation email you received when you purchased RentalCover Protection and update your email address.

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We provide protection for rental cars, including mini-vans, pickup trucks, and sport utility vehicles rented from a rental car agency. Does not cover commercial or offroad use or exotic cars.‡