Everything you need to know about claims reimbursements and settlement

I have canceled or shortened my policy. When will I receive my refund?
Refund processing times for our plans can differ based on where you booked. If you canceled or shortened your plan through your Account, the refund should show on your bank or credit card statement within four days.
Do you offer discounts?
Unfortunately, insurance prices are set by state regulators in the US and cannot be discounted.
How can I save money on transactions when renting internationally?
Unfortunately, transaction fees are everywhere when you travel internationally. In this article we explain the various fees applied by credit card companies and how to avoid them...
Can I use a different credit card for my insurance booking vs the rental car?
I think I have been wrongly charged for damage to my vehicle
We sometimes hear of rental companies charging customers for damages that did not happen, inflating or miscalculating the final charges.
Do I still have to pay for a deposit if I buy your insurance?
Car rental companies will generally require you to leave a deposit with them at pick up, as a security measure in case you damage the car...

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We provide protection for rental cars, including mini-vans, pickup trucks, and sport utility vehicles rented from a rental car agency. Does not cover commercial or offroad use or exotic cars.‡