How will I receive payment for an approved claim?

Approximately 95% of approved Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) claims are paid directly to rental companies within 5-10 business days. It can take longer if documents are missing so please provide the documents at the outset. Some CDW claims can take longer to determine liability if there are multiple vehicles while the process for Supplemental Liability Insurance can also be lengthy.

If you require reimbursement for damages paid to the rental company, you will receive an email that includes a secure link. Simply click 'Get Paid' and carefully complete your bank details. Incorrect or incomplete payment details may cause delays in payment processing.

As soon as we have received your details, we will automatically process your payment. Payments may take up to 5 days to complete. The biggest cause of delays is incorrect bank details.

If any alternative payment types are available, they will be listed on the secure page. We don’t send cheques in the mail. Payments will be issued via electronic payment.