Rentals not covered by RentalCover

When purchasing RentalCover Protection directly from and not via one of our partners, RentalCover does not cover rentals from the following rental company locations:


Rental Car Company


Australia Queensland Luxury Car Rentals All locations
Australia Simba Car Hire All locations
Canada ACE/Inversta All locations
Canada Alpha Car Rental All locations
Canada Apex Auto Rental All locations
Canada Jet Rental Cars All locations
Canada Insure Rentals All locations
Canada Routes All locations
Canada Zoom Rentals All locations
Italy Avis Rome
Italy Rent Luxe Car All locations
Malta Sicily By Car Malta Airport
Spain Caraveando All loactions
Switzerland Alamo Basel
Switzerland Alamo Geneva
Switzerland Alamo Zurich
United Kingdom Greenmotion Edinburgh
United States ALM Leasing and Rentals LLC Virginia
United States AM Brown Rentals Maryland
United States Colusa Rent A Car Miami
United States Dimmples Car Rental North Carolina
United States EZ Rent A Car New York
United States Hyper Clutch Motor Sports Georgia
United States In Motion Mobility Miami
United States Precision Rentals LLC All locations
United States Reach Rental All locations
United States Ride Free Tours All locations
United States United Rent a Car All locations

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We provide protection for rental cars, including mini-vans, pickup trucks, and sport utility vehicles rented from a rental car agency. Does not cover commercial or offroad use or exotic cars.‡