How do we calculate the foreign exchange rate for approved international claims?

There are several considerations when we calculate our foreign exchange (FX) rate. Let's use an example:
  1. Mark is from the US. He was charged 500€ by his rental company for an accident in France.
  2. Mark's "currency of loss" is €, and his "approved claim amount" is 500€. 
  3. When Mark paid his rental company for the damages, he paid using a US$ credit card. His credit card company added "international card fees" to the transaction and gave him a poor foreign exchange (FX) rate. 
  4. Mark's claim is approved so he receives a text message and email with a link to the payment form. Mark has a US$ bank account and prefers to receive US$ because his bank charges excessive fees for non-US$ transfers and the process can take several weeks.
  5. Mark receives his US$ payment from immediately (it can take a bit longer for other countries).
As an international traveler, Mark's credit card statement might show a higher amount than the successful claim. That's because of #3 above. We do not cover currency conversion costs and other credit card charges, however we recommend that all international travelers take some of these precautions so they can save money on their next trip. 

About your car rental

At we provide the rental protection and we partner with dozens of booking agents who are responsible for your car rental.

To make changes to your car booking, the contact details for our partners are below. 

NOTE: To make changes to your RentalCover protection, login at If you have a question that’s not answered in our Help Center and not about a car rental booking, just reply to any of our emails.  

Booking Agent

Online Support

Need to make a change to your rental? View your confirmation voucher for instructions on how to create a support ticket. Call +44 161 830 1042 or the number on your confirmation voucher.
Aerolineas Argentinas 00 54 11 4340-7777
Airport Rentals Phone support available
Bestday US: 1-800-593-6259
Billiger Mit Wagen DE: 0221-567 999 11
Blue Air Phone support available +44 161 536 5033
Camptoo 03 9988 6111
Carla (rentcarla) Online support only
Carnect (includes Expedia) +49 (40) 18 88 98-0 Reply to any emails from
CarRental8 +1 (813)-343-8138
CARSiRENT +973 1700 1440
Check24 DE: 089-24 24 12 34
CoolDrive Online support only
Despegar US: 1 877 893 3988
DestinaCars Facebook Chat
Discount Hawaii Car Rental CA/US: 1-800-292-1930
ROW: 808-292-1930 
Discount USA Car Rental CA/US: 1-800-292-1930
ROW: 808-292-1930 Online support only
eDestinos Online support only
eDestinos Brazil Online support only
EnjoyCarHire +44 (0)800 470 2120
Expedia +44 20 3788 0445
Finnair 020 8001 0101
GoBoony +44 203 856 3048
GotRentalCars 1-855-264-9782
HappyCar  Online support only
Holiday Extras Online support only
Holiday Cars +31 20 261 0167
Icelandair UK: +44(0)207841000
Ideamerge +1 503 715 5810
Jet2 +44 161 830 1042
JetSmart 600 600 1311 Online support only
Last Minute Online support only
LatAm Online support only
Motorhome Republic Phone support available
Qatar Airways Online support only
Rastreator 91 143 65 14
Rastreator Mexico (55) 75901796

BR 4003 7368
BR 0800 604 7368
ROW +55 41 3152 9700 

RentalCarGroup US (+1) 866 735 1715
UK (+44) 0800 078 9054
AU (+61) 1800 210 813
DE (+49) 0800 789 5047
ES (+34) 914 141 480
FR (+33) 170 700 593
BE (+32) 02 400 4165
ROW (+44) 0800 078 9054 (if you booked directly) Online support only - contact us by replying to any of our emails
Ryanair Online and phone support
S7 8 800 700–0707
Stress Free Car Rental Online support only
Student Universe 1 800 270 725 (Toll-free within Australia)
+1 617 321 3153 (International)
Travel Counsellors Online support only
Trip Advisor 0800 098 8460
Turismo City Online support only
United Airlines Online support only
Volotea (+34) 93 12 20 717
Wanderu Online support only
WizzAir +44 161 830 1042
VIPCars (+44) 208 196 9510

At we provide the rental protection and our partners are responsible for the rentals (a lot of our partners have very similar names to, so it’s easy to get us mixed up). This means that for most customers we also handle cancellations and other changes on Read this article for step by step instructions on how to cancel or modify your policy.

For customers who are considering {% if ( == 'CA') or ( == 'US') %}canceling{% else %}cancelling{% endif %} their policy, if the policy has not yet commenced we offer credit notes that can be used on future bookings. Please read this article for more information on credit notes.

About your protection

The first major difference is that rentals in the US do not always include CDW at the time of booking (as explained in our Rental Guides, CDW - or Collision Damage Waiver - waives most of the rental car damages in the event of an accident). Instead it is available at the rental desk. This is because Americans (and Canadians) are covered by their own car insurance (in most other countries car insurance is tied to the vehicle rather than a driver).'s CDW policy is available for Americans and visitors to the US and is equivalent to those sold at the desk, for up to 50% less.*

Secondly, CDW policies are typically zero - or low - excess (called a "deductible" in the US), meaning the amount to pay in the event of an accident is smaller than other countries if you have CDW. Our "Extra Cover for USA" policy covers that amount for US visitors and also includes roadside assistance, which is also at the rental desk for up to 50% extra cost.

Thirdly, if you have an accident in the US and are found to be at fault, you are liable if there's damages to other vehicles or injuries to their drivers. Unfortunately, those costs can be significant because rental companies are only required to carry a small amount of third party liability cover for their vehicles (the amount differs from state to state). Supplemental Liability Insurance ("SLI") mitigates the third party liability risk. Equivalent policies are available for US residents and visitors alike and are sold by rental companies and 

US rental cars typically have a lower excess (called a 'deductible' in the US).  

it is not mandatory for car owners (i.e. the rental companies) to insure hired cars nor is it mandatory for them to insure the drivers against third party personal & property damage (this is called "Liability Insurance" or "Supplementary Liability Insurance"), nor personal injury to the driver (called "Personal Accident Insurance"). Those responsibilities fall to the renter. This is not the case in the EU, Australia, NZ and most other countries so it is important that you understand the options and purpose of each insurance product that you will be offered by the rental companies! The other main difference to other countries is that the rental companies do not offer "Super CDW", "Super LDW" or equivalent "premium" insurance products. When sold in Europe and most of the World, these products are designed to reduce your excess towards zero from an amount that is usually between €/£/$1,000-4,000. In the US all rentals are sold with either the renter being liable for the full amount of the vehicle, or there is zero deductible excess: there's nothing in between! Our "Extra Cover for USA" fills the considerable "out of pocket" costs that still remain even when there is no deductible excess.


From March 2016 onwards, will be selling CDW for US residents from AON. When you purchase CDW from the rental companies it is usually called "LDW" if it includes theft protection, so our policy is equivalent to LDW. The only difference between a CDW offered independently by us versus the policy offered at the rental desk is that your insurance company (AON) will handle the payments to the rental company for any damages, whereas there is no reimbursement/recovery process if you purchase the rental company's CDW/LDW.

It is important to know if your booking contains CDW or LDW! If it doesn't have it already and you are a US resident, you can buy it from If you are not a US resident, we always advise that you make sure your car booking includes CDW/LDW from the rental company. 

There are differences in how the websites of rental companies present CDW/LDW to international drivers vis-à-vis their agents (an "agent" might be an airline, hotel or a price comparison site):

1. For international drivers, the vast majority of websites will automatically include CDW or LDW. If for some other reason CDW or LDW is not automatically included, it will be available at the rental desk. Please read carefully when booking and check your car confirmation!

2. If you book from within the US or are a US resident, CDW/LDW will not be included by default. You can buy a policy from and save approximately 50% or add it at the rental desk. Sometimes you can add it on the website at the time of booking. Most US domestic travellers can rely on their credit cards or personal motor insurance, however the excess on those policies often outweighs the cost of rental vehicle repairs.

SLI (Supplementary Liability Insurance)

Rental companies also offer insurance for third party property and third party personal that is usually called SLI ("Supplementary Liability Insurance") or LIS or simply, "Liability". SLI provides coverage for claims relating to third parties, namely third party property and third party injury. These policies have coverage limits so you should be conscious of how much is reasonably needed in the event of a major accident and/or negligence. Given the potential liability we always stress to drive carefully in the US and always purchase SLI from the rental company.

At the time of writing, does not sell SLI.

Please also refer to our "What is SLI?" FAQ

Theft Protection

Theft Cover is also called Theft Protection and it may or may not provide coverage to arson and vandalism, depending on the policy. There will always be limitations surrounding negligence. We encourage you to read the relevant terms to check if your policy includes theft. Note also that's "CDW" and "Extra Cover for USA" policies include theft, arson and vandalism. 

PAI (Personal Accident Insurance)

PAI provides coverage to you and your passengers for personal injuries up to a certain limit. PAI might be automatically included when an international driver books a car on either the rental company's website or via the website of an agent/airline/price comparison service. Please check the coverage limits on your policy if you have or intend to have personal accident insurance to determine if the cover is adequate. Check out our "What is PAI (Personal Accident Insurance)?" for examples and further detail.

Roadside Assistance's "Extra Cover for USA" policy includes free Roadside Assistance and it provides coverate to related costs such as callout fees, towing, fuel topup, tyres, windscreen repair, etc., plus the considerable out of pocket costs that you might incur (such as impound storage fees, key loss/replacement, headlight/battery repair/replacement, fire and theft, "relocation fees" to get the vehicle back to its intended destination, card fees that are applied along the way, administration/processing fees for accidents, and "loss of use" fees that are charged while the vehicle is off the road being fixed).

You can benefit from our popular primary insurance plan called "Collision Damage Insurance".

Using offers you damage protection without touching your personal auto plan. So if you make a damage claim you can rest easy, knowing that there’s no deductible to pay from your personal plan and the rates on your plan won’t increase!

We give a further rundown on the benefits in this article. offers great protection for American renters. Learn more in our USA Rental Guide

The following information is for US rentals only.

Supplemental Liability Insurance insures you for injuries to other drivers and their vehicles. Most states require the rental car company to have third party liability that covers a renter, however they are only required to have state minimum limits which can be quite low and insufficient for more serious accidents. This means it’s the driver’s responsibility to carry insurance to protect against potential liability for injuries to other people and damage to their vehicles and property.

You will usually be offered SLI (also called Accident Liability Insurance/ALI, Supplemental Liability Protection, Liability Insurance Supplement or Renter Liability Protection) by the car rental company. Our SLI provides similar coverage.


What liability coverage limits are provided with the rental vehicle?

In the United States, states have different minimum insurance limits for auto liability. These minimum levels of coverage are often quite low whereas SLI offers insurance coverage up to $1 million.
The below table is a comparison of minimum auto liability insurance amounts as compared to the SLI coverage for certain states.  Remember that rental car companies may only provide auto liability at the state minimum level, or provide none at all in those states that they are not required to.  In addition, if you have personal or business auto insurance it may provide a certain level of coverage when renting a vehicle. Our SLI provides coverage in excess of this insurance coverage, up to $1 million.

  Sample of Minimum legal coverage  
State Per Person Per Accident Property Damage SLI from
California $15,000 $30,000 $5,000 $1 million
Florida $10,000 $20,000 $10,000 $1 million
Georgia $25,000 $50,000 $25,000 $1 million
Texas $30,000 $60,000 $25,000 $1 million
Washington $25,000 $50,000 $10,000 $1 million
Other $10-50K $30-100K $5-25K $1 million
Note: from time to time, states change their minimum insurance limit requirements so this chart should be used as an example only.

How does the claims process work?

SLI claims are submitted via our online claims form. Any party (i.e. yourself, the other driver or their insurer, or another third party) can start the claim process.  You will need to provide details about the accident, submit the police report if there is one, provide information about the accident and your rental receipt, as well as provide any details from the third party showing evidence of damages or injuries sustained. As the claim process can be extensive and legally complex we use an insurance partner with highly experienced claims adjusters.

Since 2014 we’ve specialized in providing customers with cover that’s up to 50% less expensive than what you’ll be offered at the rental desk. We provide protection for rental cars, including mini-vans, pickup trucks and sport utility vehicles rented from a rental car agency.

Our plans are valid for rental vehicles anywhere in the world (our Supplemental Liability Insurance (for rentals that originate in the US, except New York) are covered for Canada if the vehicle is collected in the US). policies include the following as standard:

RentalCover - Peace of mind rental insurance RentalCover insurance RentalCover best price

Additional drivers

Covers losses incurred when the rental vehicle is driven (or in the possession of) any licensed driver listed on your rental agreement

Tires and Windshields Covered

Our plans do not exclude losses caused by damage to tires or windshields

Zero deductible

CDW claims are not subject to a deductible

Timely claim repayments

If you make a claim and it is approved, we will pay you as quickly as possible - on average within three business days.

Global coverage

Our insurance policies are authorized by top-rated carriers.


RentalCover small car RentalCover support RentalCover best price
Global cover Global partners and underwriters Global refund
Plans with CDW do not contain territorial exclusions Our wide network allows us to bring you the great coverage at an affordable price Payable claims are refunded in your local currency

Want more information? Our Rental Guides explain how everything works.

Travel protection plans are always calculated in full calendar days to ensure you are covered for the full trip even if you pick up early or drop off late.

For example, if you pick up your vehicle on June 3rd and drop it off on June 9th that would be 7 days.

At we believe that you shouldn’t need a legal degree to understand our plans. Where possible, we have made sure our plans are designed to help eliminate confusion and help you understand your protection when you hit the road. 

Here’s a summary of the protection you receive when you purchase a CDW plan with us:

  What you get with* What you might get at the rental desk
Multi vehicle accidents
Single vehicle accidents Sometimes
Fire, car theft and vandalism Sometimes
Lockout & keys due to an accident Not covered for US residents x
Windshield and headlights x
Tires and underbody x
Standard deductible $0 $3000 - 4000
Usually fixed cost
Total coverage amount $35000
Covers rental company’s excess charges. Refer to your plan document
See rental guides for details
Price per day Up to 50% less expensive† than the rental desk $10-$30* per day
*Airports surcharge +10-25%

*Coverage is subject to the terms, limitations, and exclusions of the plan. Coverage may vary by country of residence. For more information please read our country specific Rental Guide.

Unfortunately for US rentals we do not provide coverage for luxury vehicles, trucks, RVs, 4x4s, motorcycles, quad bikes or vans. These may be available if you are traveling internationally. Please check your policy wording.

Follow the tips below to avoid the hassle and have a safe, stress-free trip. There’s more details in our Rental Guides.

1. Your plan is valid

If you are told by the rental company that they don’t recognize your plan, don’t worry: They don’t need to! Our plans are an independent alternative to the rental company’s offerings and they are valid worldwide. They are up to 50% less expensive than what the rental company offers. If your rental company refuses to give you a vehicle based on using our plan instead of their offer, we recommend speaking to your rental booking agent.

2. Be prepared

Have all required documents ready for your check-in and take a look at your country’s Rental Guide so you know what to expect at the rental desk.

3. Be confident

In buying a plan from us, you have chosen to be insured by a fully underwritten, global distributor of insurance products with a proven track record of assessing claims in a timely fashion. We have been doing this since 2014 and our customers rate us "excellent" on consumer review website,

4. If they still refuse to give you a vehicle

If for any reason your rental company refuses to give you a vehicle we recommend speaking to your rental booking agent
Want more information? Our Rental Guides explain how everything works

Renting in the US? Please read this article for US-specific information. You can also check our rental guides at any time for more information.

Collision Damage Waiver (CDW)

CDW (and Loss Damage Waiver, which adds Theft Protection to CDW) is usually included in the rental rate that you see on a website. Note that these “waivers” just reduce your risk from a high amount (similar to the full value of the car) to somewhere between US$/£/€1500 and US$/£/€3000 depending on the car and the rental company. That lowered amount is called the "excess" (i.e. a "deductible" in the US and Canada) and it's payable in the event of an accident.

"Super Collision Damage Waiver" (SCDW) and our Full Protection

SCDW (also called "Damage Liability Waiver" and many other names) is sold at the rental desk and it lowers the excess/deductible towards $0 (the amount payable can still be as high as US$/£/€500 depending on the rental company, plus other charges for administration fees, towing, loss of use and more). Our "Full Protection" policy provides equivalent protection up to 50% cheaper, with $0 to pay in the event of an accident and it also covers the additional accident-related fees charged by rental companies.

Most Full Protection policies require that you take out the rental company's CDW.

We understand that insurance, and especially insurance acronyms, can be confusing! Here we help demystify the various products that help reduce your costs if there are damages.

CDW (Collision Damage Waiver)

CDW covers all or a portion of the amount payable to the rental company in the event of loss of or damage to a rental car. In our plans, this coverage is referred to as Rental Car Damage and Theft Coverage or Rental Car Damage.'s Collision Damage protection* covers a rental vehicle for accidental damage and/or theft during the course of a rental period with no deductible.

SLI (Supplemental Liability Insurance)

SLI provides coverage for damages or injuries you may cause to another person or their property while operating a rental vehicle.


A deductible (or “excess” outside of the US) is the amount payable by you if there’s damage to the rental vehicle. CDW plans do not have a deductible.

LDW (Loss Damage Waiver)**

This is the same as CDW but it adds theft and vandalism protection.

Loss of Use Fees

Renters are often charged additional fees by rental companies if the rental requires repairs that keep it off the road (these “loss of use” fees are also called “demurrage”). These costs may be covered by plans (i.e. they are “inclusions”).

Want more information? Our Rental Guides explain how everything works.

**N/A for US residents.

We work with some of the largest and most respected insurers to provide you with coverage, no matter where you drive. Our top-rated global panel of insurers includes Crum & Forster in the US and Lloyds, Collinson, Munich Re, Intact and other global insurers in other regions.

If you make changes to your policy or create several quotes over time you may notice a small difference in price from when you originally booked. While we make every effort to make pricing consistent for our customers, there are multiple factors that impact claims and therefore the price that we charge, including travel dates, lead times, trip duration, car pricing and the fees charged by our underwriting partners. There may also be broking or other fees applied to your bookings.

If you see a charge from on your credit card statement that you don’t recognize, it is likely because you added car damage protection through one of our approved partners, and it has been charged separately to your rental. Our list of partners includes, and many more. 

You can cancel or modify your coverage directly by logging into your account
At we support our millions of customers via our Help Center. Should you wish to contact us you can also reply to any of our emails. 

We often get asked if we protect the following rentals. When you purchase via you may see options for the vehicle types below. If you don’t see them they unfortunately aren’t available for your location.

You can select a Vehicle Type on the homepage.

If you have a quote or booking you can add vehicle types - if available - within your RentalCover Account.

If you have a quote or booking you can add vehicle types - if available - on the Payment page.

If you purchased RentalCover via one of our partners (some of whom specialise in campervans, motorhomes, RVs and offroad 4x4s), their automated systems will ensure you have the right protection for your rental. You can check your coverages and, if available, upgrade to include these vehicle types at any time, just login to your RentalCover Account or get a quote.

Your rental needs to be booked with an authorized rental company, peer to peer rental platform (such as like Drivy, Getaround, Goget, Turo, Carnextdoor, Zipcar, HiyaCar etc), car dealership, accident replacement service or loan cars from an authorized mechanic. Depending on your country, RentalCover Protection is available for the following when you get a quote on The meaning of each may differ based on your country. To view your wording, click the link in your RentalCover account or on the quote page.

✓ Cars: “Cars” are the default coverage on 
✓ Recreational vehicles (RVs), motorhomes and camper/campervans.
✓ Offroad 4x4s for use on unsealed roads. You do not need to select this if you intend to drive any type of 4x4 on normal sealed roads. If you choose “Offroad 4x4” you must have rented a 4x4.
✓ Caravans are covered in selected countries.

When are you not covered?

This is a general summary only and may not apply to your RentalCover Protection. Please login to your RentalCover Account or get a quote to view your policy wording. 

Depending on your country, RentalCover may not cover the following. 
✗ Misfueling 
✗ Out of pocket costs like phone call fees, taxis and accommodation 
✗ Charges incurred through service providers that aren't authorised by your rental company 
✗ Loss or damage to accessories/equipment
✗ Interior damage like spillage or tears 
✗ Personal Property: We don't cover theft or loss of items that you own.
✗ Liability: Please read the Rental Guide to better understand how this works in your travel country. 
✗ Personal Accident Insurance (PAI) for drivers: This is usually covered by your travel insurance
✗ Annual protection: We no longer offer annual protection. You are however still covered if you previously purchased Annual Protection on and it’s still active.
✗ Personal vehicles or others that aren’t from authorised vehicle rentals or car share platforms, as outlined above.
✗ Commercial trucks and other vehicles that are used for commercial purposes such as removal/moving trucks, pantech trucks, commercial delivery vans, courier trucks, trailer trucks, dump trucks, garbage trucks, carriers, refrigerator trucks. Americans renting “Passenger trucks” for non-commercial use are covered under the default “Car” type, as outlined above.
✗ If your vehicle requires a special license (for instance, if the passenger limit or cargo capacity exceeds the limitations of a standard license) or if it is a commercial van, truck or bus, you will not be covered. 
✗ Vehicles that have trailers, camper trailers or other extensions - with the exception of caravans (see above) - attached to the tow bar
✗ High end supercars, high end sports cars, classic cars and exotic vehicles (including but not limited to, those made by Ferrari, Porsche, Lamborghini, Aston Martin and Bentley)
✗Certain combinations of country of residence and destination country
✗ Motorcycles or other bikes

Find out how much you could save on a damage protection plan by creating a free quote on our website.

1. Visit and enter your country of residence and destination country

2. Confirm the start and end dates for your trip, and then select the vehicle you plan to rent; car is always selected by default (if you are unsure about vehicle types read this short guide).

3. Lastly click “Get a quote” to retrieve your personal quote. You can review the details and complete your booking by entering your payment details.

The quote page displays the plan price and all the important information you need to know before you set off, including any inclusions and exclusions. You can also review your damage protection plan before you buy.


Please ensure that the plan holder’s name is listed on your vehicle rental agreement.
You can change plan holders any time before you pick up the vehicle. Just sign in and go to the Profile page in My Account. Here you can also add your company name on the invoice.

Additional drivers are automatically covered by your plan.
Please ensure that the plan holder’s name is the same as the main driver on your vehicle rental agreement.

You can check the status of your plan at any time by accessing your account.

1. Visit My Account.

2. Next sign in. To do this you will need the email you used to create your original quote and your booking reference number which ends with "-INS", this can be found in the subject line of your confirmation email.

3. On the left hand side menu you will be able to see the status of your plan:

Confirmed  Your plan has been purchased
Quote  Your plan has not yet been purchased
Canceled  Your plan is no longer active and a refund will be issued

At we send two types of emails. Newsletter emails and quote / transactional emails. You can learn about how these emails are sent and managed below:

You can update your newsletter email preferences at any time from your My Account page.

1. Visit My Account
2. Next sign in. To do this you will need the email you used to create your original quote and your booking reference number which ends with "-INS", this can be found in the subject line of your confirmation email.
3. Select Profile from the left hand menu. Click “unsubscribe” from the bottom of your profile and you will no longer receive our promotional emails.

Please note if you have made a booking enquiry you may receive quote emails from, with more information about your cover. Whilst you can’t unsubscribe from our transactional emails, you should be aware that these are only sent for a short period and will automatically stop after a maximum of three emails.

You can view, download or print your plan wording and invoice from your My Account page.

1. Visit My Account.
2. Next sign in. To do this you will need the email you used to create your original quote and your booking reference number which ends with "-INS", this can be found in the subject line of your confirmation email.

3. Select Profile from the left hand menu. Click on "Plan Wording" to read or download your plan by clicking the save iconsave on the top right of the page. You can also select "View Invoice" to automatically download your invoice as a pdf.

From your profile you can also amend the plan holder’s personal information and add your company name on the invoice.

Find out more about how to modify your plan here.
Due to limitations from our insurers, our policies can only be used to cover one rental vehicle. The only exception is if your rental company replaces the vehicle, in which case your existing policy will still work.

Our Collision Damage Insurance (CDI) policy for US residents permits you to drive the vehicle in Canada if it was collected in the US. The same applies for SLI unless you are a New York resident. You can view your policy wording within My Account if you have any concerns. 
If you damage your rental vehicle and the rental company provides you with a replacement, our protection will automatically cover you, as long as the car type, rental carrier, rental period and plan holder details remain the same.
For all other insurance questions, please visit our Rental Guide
Inclusions and exclusions can vary depending on your coverage type so please check your plan wording to find out more. You can find your plan wording attached to your confirmation email, or download it from your account on 

For a broad overview of our plan inclusions, as well as more information about what to do at the rental desk and how you should proceed in the event of an accident, please read our country specific Rental Guides.

On the homepage we ask for the country you “live in”.

This country should be the same one you used in your address on your rental agreement. If for some reason they are different, your country of residence should be the country stated on your driving license. 
We would ask for both of those documents if you wish to make a claim. 

Age requirements can vary depending on our plan provider. To see the limits that apply to you, please check your Plan Wording. You can view, download or print your plan wording from your My Account page.
Age restrictions only apply to the main driver, as any additional drivers are covered regardless of their age as long as your rental company allows them to drive the car.
Rental companies sell a policy called "Collision Damage Waiver" (CDW) to reduce your contribution to the rental car damage repair bill towards $0. "Supplemental Liability Insurance" (SLI) is also available which tops up the minimum state-mandated liability coverage that comes with the rental.

RentalCover's equivalent plans save you money in these ways:

1. The total price of the rental company's CDW and SLI is up to double the price of equivalent coverage from†
2. You may be responsible for a deductible with the rental company's CDW. There is no deductible with RentalCover's equivalent.
3. You may face a significant deductible if you choose to rely on your personal auto plan rather than the rental company's CDW or our equivalent. 
4. Because ours is primary coverage it doesn't impact your ongoing personal auto premiums.
5. CDW from the rental companies may not cover damages such as windshields, lamps, tires, undercarriage and damage-related fees such as loss of use and towing. 
The following steps address the common issue of not being able to sign into your account. 

1. Check you have entered the correct booking reference and email address - it’s easy to enter an incorrect number! To do this you will need your booking reference number which ends with “-INS”, this can be found in the subject line of your confirmation email. We recommend you to copy and paste it to avoid mistakes. 

2. If you still see an error message, click the “Forgot your booking reference?” link. You can then confirm your email address and we'll email you your most recent booking reference so you can access your booking details.
If your payment card was declined, please follow the below steps:
  1. Ensure you have entered all the correct details and try again.
  2. Make the payment using an alternate card where possible.
  3. If the problem persists please contact your bank for more information.


If you have accidentally canceled your RentalCover Protection, the refund has already been processed. However, you can purchase the same protection on or click the “repurchase” link in the cancellation email that we sent when you canceled.

If you purchased RentalCover Protection via one of our partners, it can take between 7 and 21 days for the refund to show on your card statement - please reach out to them directly if there’s a delay. If you purchased via the refund is processed immediately however it may take up to 4 days to show.

Sometimes the limits of your Protection are displayed in a different currency to the one you selected at purchase due to underwriting restrictions.

You can see the same limits in your preferred currency by clicking the question mark next to the ‘limit/excess details’ in your policy wording. Login to your Account to get started.

No, RentalCover Protection does not include luxury vehicles such as high end supercars, high end sports cars, classic cars and exotic vehicles e.g. Ferrari, Porsche, Bentley.

This article has more information on what’s covered.

Managing your protection

Refund amounts differ based on your policy, when the policy is scheduled to commence and your booking agent (if you booked through one of our partners). We recommend that you quickly follow these step by step instructions to cancel or modify your policy and, where applicable, obtain a refund.

You may also see an offer for a credit note that can be used on future bookings. Please read this article for more information on credit notes.

See our terms and conditions for more information.

Please follow the steps above to start the process. Refund amounts differ based on your policy, when the policy is scheduled to commence and your booking agent (if you booked through one of our partners). 

To cancel, extend or shorten just follow these steps:

1. Visit My Account.

2. Next login. To do this you will need your booking reference number which ends with “-INS”, this can be found in the subject line of your confirmation email.

3. Lastly, choose your policy and select either Extend / Reduce or Cancel. If you booked via a partner, you may be redirected to their site. Otherwise, we will handle the cancellation and refund, if applicable. Please contact your bank if it takes more than 4 days to show on your statement. 

At we offer the rental insurance and our partners are responsible for the rental cars. We work to help our rental partners to sell plans that make sense with your rental when you book from their site.

If that sounds like you, and you are having difficulty at the rental desk, please contact your rental agency directly for support.

Need support? If you purchased your plan on another website you will have a booking confirmation from them. Please contact their support team to make any changes - here's the support details for all of our partners. Check your original confirmation email to find your rental company’s name.

If you purchased your plan separately to your car rental and would now like to make a change or cancel, you can shorten, extend or cancel this online via the My Account page. For more instructions please read our cancelation guide.

Please note that your plan can be used for most rental vehicles, from any rental company, subject to the terms of the rental agreement. You don’t need to change your plan.

Good news. You don’t need to change your plan.

Your plan can be used for any rental vehicle*, from any rental company, subject to the terms of the rental agreement.

Planning on adding extra drivers and countries to your cover? Learn more here.

*Please note that there may be some vehicles that are not covered by the rental plans (e.g. exotic vehicles). Please review the plan to confirm your rental vehicle type is covered.

The Rental Car Damage and Theft Coverage (Collision Damage Waiver) in our plans applies whenever your rental car is in the possession of the named driver and all additional licensed drivers included on your rental agreement.  For Supplemental Liability Insurance, the named driver and all additional drivers included on your rental agreement are covered by your plan. Please ensure that you are named on the rental agreement.

Thinking of visiting other countries on your trip? Our Collision Damage Waiver coverage applies worldwide.  Renters with our Supplemental Liability Insurance (for rentals that originate in the US, except New York) are covered for Canada if the vehicle is collected in the US.

You do not need to inform of additional drivers or countries you are visiting.

We defer to the rental companies to check driver’s licenses; you do not need to provide the details to us. If you’re unsure, please contact your booking agent.

Want more information? Our Rental Guides explain how everything works.

If you're reading this article it's because you let us know about an issue. So first and foremost, thank you for letting us know! If it's a technical issue, our technical team has already been notified. Shortly thereafter they add a note below, and when it's resolved they remove the note. "Bugs" are usually resolved in 3-5 days. If your problem persists though, please reply to any of your emails and we'll share an update. 

Technical Issues

This is a list of known technical issues that are being resolved.

- Multiple charges for the same policy
- Missing discount: discount may be deleted from the quote once you sign in to your account
- Phone numbers not being accepted on our website: please enter your phone number using + at the beginning and no spaces between the number e.g. +4400000000000
- Unable to delete unwanted quotes
- Unable to upload documents to the Claim Form
- Duplicate bookings

If your rental has started and you realize you forgot to buy protection, don’t worry, you still can in most countries. Just create a quote on the homepage.

As soon as your purchase is complete, your coverage is active. Find out more about how coverage days are calculated.

Please note that this doesn't apply for Canadian residents travelling within Canada or worldwide, due to underwriter limitations. 

For any other insurance questions, please visit our Rental Guide.
COVID-19 (Coronavirus) and related border closures are causing significant disruption to travelers. First and foremost we hope that everyone in your communities and families are safe and cared for. 

RentalCover’s policies are predominantly sold through partnerships with other travel companies. When choosing our partners we take the time to understand their operations and we provide ongoing training to their customer support teams so they can effectively handle insurance enquiries alongside car rental and other travel-related questions.

Our partners sell a range of travel products with a variety of cancellation and refund rules. We encourage you to contact your booking agent if you have an enquiry relating to your rental car.

Refunds for Your Policy policies can be cancelled for any reason. Login to your account to start the process.
Unfortunately the following credit note is not available for most plans for US residents. When you cancel a plan you may be offered a credit note with an extra 60% bonus credit (or more, depending on your residence). The credit can be used on any future bookings for up to 3 years. If you do not use all your credit you can use the remaining balance for future bookings.

The offer is only available in your account when you cancel a booking. The alternatives are laid out like this:

You can choose to take the credit (with the extra 60% bonus) by clicking the blue button on the right, or proceed to cancel by clicking the white button.

Some of our partners also process RentalCover cancelations on their site. 

The terms and conditions of the offer are straightforward: 
  • We will add a credit note to your account for the full amount of your original booking plus your 60% bonus credit
  • The credit can be used toward any future booking on The credit is non-refundable and expires in 3 years. 
  • Your credit can only be used on and cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers. 
  • If you purchased a plan using the credit and then cancel the plan, you will not be offered bonus credit again. Any credit that you spent on the canceled plan will be refunded for you to spend on your next purchase.
To cancel or make changes to your plan, please follow these step by step instructions.


For all plans except ones sold to American residents, Supplemental Liability Insurance for US-based rentals, and those that are for travel in Iceland, if you find a better price anywhere, we are happy to beat it. Policies for American residents and travel within Iceland are also ineligible for various discount coupons on

Just reply to any of our emails and include details of the alternative quote, including a screenshot or link to the other quote, your country of residence, your destination country and your travel dates, and we will further discount your quote. 

When comparing plans keep in mind all the benefits of a plan

We offer many types of accidental damage that the rental companies don’t, such as the following (not applicable with “Supplemental Liability Insurance" [for US rentals]):

Windshields & tires
Roadside repairs
Underbody damage
Lockout & key replacement

Unfortunately, transaction fees are everywhere when you travel internationally. In this article we share tips for how you can avoid these fees.

One major cost that most travellers don’t plan for are potential charges from the rental company in the event of an accident or damage. Those fees can cost in excess of $3000 and credit card issuers typically charge 4-5% in additional fees for international travellers.

When you make a claim with there are two factors that can explain the difference between the amount you paid for your damages and the final claim amount you receive.

1. Additional credit card fees: When you make a claim will refund the charges you received from the rental company, but we do not refund any additional international transaction fees you might incur.

2. International money transfers: Our payment technology allows your claim to be paid into any bank in the world, with no additional fees. While we waive the fees that banks charge for sending payments and wherever we can we waive the fees charged by your bank for receiving payment, (these normally both cost between 10-20 USD per transaction), we take these fees into account when calculating the exchange rates that you see at the time of payment.

For further information please read this article. For more information on your policy options, visit our Rental Guides.

Refund processing times for policies can differ based on where you booked. If you cancelled or shortened your policy via your Account the refund will show on your statement within 4 days. It can take between 7 and 21 days if you cancelled or shortened your policy via our partners. If it’s taking longer please contact your bank or our partner.
Read this article for step by step instructions on how to cancel or modify your policy.
It is not possible to update your payment method or currency after your plan is purchased.

If you would like to change your payment method or currency you can cancel and rebook your coverage with any time prior to pick up.

Just visit My Account to get started.

We sometimes hear of rental companies charging customers for damages that did not happen, inflating or miscalculating the final charges. If this has happened to you, you should lodge a “dispute” with your credit card issuer for this unauthorised transaction.

To save time lodging your dispute please follow the instructions below:

1. Download our template letter PDF icon and fill in your details

2. Contact your credit card issuer and use your letter to lodge a dispute for the final transaction you were charged by the rental company. It is best not to explicitly request a refund as your bank may defer you to contact the rental company directly to contest the charge. Instead we advise you state that “the charge was unauthorised” since you do not recognise the damage

What happens next? You can expect a response within 1-2 weeks, and for the charge to be reversed within 3-4 weeks. Our customers have a 95% success rate with these requests, however if your request is unsuccessful, or if you have some excess charges remaining after the dispute is settled, please start a claim online with us here and we will review your case as soon as possible.

Unfortunately insurance prices are set by state regulators in the US and cannot be discounted. 
We will always aim to price beat like-for-like protection quotes. Please note however that we cannot price beat for the following cases:

- Quotes provided by CarInsuRent (we have major concerns about this business’s eligibility to sell insurance products). 
- Policies where Iceland is the destination country
- Quotes that provide a lesser level of coverage than offered by
- Collision Damage Insurance (CDI) for US residents. 
- Supplemental Liability Insurance (SLI) for US-based vehicle rentals
- Policies purchased from our approved partner websites (our partners control their own car and insurance packaging and pricing).
- When quote details are inaccurate and do not match your trip (for example if you are an Australian resident travelling to Japan your price beat request must match this information)
When comparing plans keep in mind all the benefits of a plan

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We provide protection for rental cars, including mini-vans, pickup trucks, and sport utility vehicles rented from a rental car agency. Does not cover commercial or offroad use or exotic cars.‡