Managing your cover

Even the best made plans sometimes change

How to extend or shorten your vehicle cover dates
To shorten or extend your policy please follow these steps...
How to cancel your cover before your trip has started
We understand that even the best made plans sometimes change, which is why you can cancel your policy up to the time of pick-up to receive a full refund...
Can I cancel my cover after pick-up?
At we work with a number of car rental partners who sell our policies when you book from their site. If that sounds like you, and your trip has already started, please contact your rental agency directly for support...
What to do if no vehicle is available at the rental desk
At we provide the rental insurance and our partners are responsible for the rental cars. We work with a number of rental partners who sell our policies when you book from their site...
What if I change the rental vehicle or rental company?
Good news. You don’t need to change your policy... Your policy can be used for any rental vehicle, from any rental company, subject to the terms of the rental agreement.
Adding extra drivers and countries to your cover
The nominated driver and all additional drivers included on your rental agreement are covered by your policy. There is no need to add any additional drivers to your policy; they are automatically covered free of charge....
I’m having trouble using
To help you get back on the road and moving again as quickly as possible please follow the instructions below.
Can I purchase insurance after pick up?
If your rental has started and you realise you forgot to buy insurance, don’t worry, you still can...

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Covers cars/vans/SUVs/4x4s etc. of 1-9 passengers that don't need special licenses or aren't for commercial or off-road use.