Is "Third Party" included?

In some countries (including UK, EU, Australia, NZ & most of Asia) it is compulsory for the car owner (i.e. the rental car company) to obtain third party insurance. In the US the responsibility falls on the car driver. There are also some differences between third party property (damages to another vehicle) and third party personal (injuries to another driver or their passengers) from region to region. Lastly, there is often confusion in Australia and New Zealand because rental companies decut third party damage costs from the excess that is payable in the event of a multi-vehicle accident. 


In Europe third party insurance (usually called "civil liability") is compulsorily held by the car owner and it provides coverage to damages to other vehicles and injury to other drivers. Without it, a rental company cannot place a vehicle on the road. It is consequently not sold by the rental companies, nor is it offered independently by  

Read this FAQ for more information on the European insurance options.

United States, Canada, Mexico & South America

In the US and parts of South America, third party responsibility lies with the driver of a rental vehicle. In those countries you will be offered Supplementary Liability Insurance (called SLI or LIS) at the car rental desk and sometimes you will be offered SLI online from the rental company's website. SLI provides coverage to car drivers who cause injuries to drivers or passengers of another vehicle (called "third party injury" or "third party personal"), and other vehicles that are damaged by the accident ("third party property"). Some US states mandate that all cars including rental car companies include SLI however the state minimums are usually quite low for third party injuries so you may consider purchasing an SLI policy. At present does not sell SLI policies.

Read this FAQ for more information on the US insurance options.

Australia and New Zealand

In Australia and New Zealand it is compulsory for vehicle owners (i.e. the rental company) to have insurance for third party injuries so a rental vehicle cannot be registered or rented without it. In NZ third party personal injuries are settled through a government program called ACC which does not ascribe "fault" to either driver.

Regarding third party property (damage to other vehicles), some motorhome rental companies charge their customers for "third party" damages but they are just discretionary excess charges, i.e. it is a way for them to increase your damage costs. policies do not discriminate between one type of excess charge and another, all are insured. So yes, third party damage costs are insured. But we suggest you read our detailed explanation of "third party" charges by motorhome rental companies in Australia and New Zealand.


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Our Rental Guides explain how everything works.
Our Rental Guides explain what is included with the car booking and what to say when you are offered additional insurance at the rental desk.

Our Rental Guides explain how everything works.
Our global insurance panel includes “A” rated household names such as those below.
Our underwriters.
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Our Rental Guides explain how everything works.
Yes. Additional drivers on the rental agreement are automatically covered free. We do not need their names.

Our Rental Guides explain how everything works.
Not recommended! There are many examples of disgruntled renters who have been charged by rental companies for damages that did not happen, or where the repair cost is inflated, or where the related fees exceed the minor damage. These are all covered in full by

Our Rental Guides explain how everything works.
Damage costs and associated fees will be payable to the rental company. Once a claim is submitted, we reimburse the damage costs and related fees charged by the rental company. Our target for claims is 3 days once all documents are submitted.

Our Rental Guides explain how everything works.
You can add coverage for off-road 4x4s, campervans, motorhomes & small buses in the quote form.

Our Rental Guides explain how everything works.
Offroad 4x4s that are to be driven on unsealed roads are covered if you select the 4x4 option in the quote form. You still need to adhere to the rules of the rental agreement. For all other vehicles, if your rental agreement permits you to drive on unsealed roads you are covered by

Our Rental Guides explain how everything works.
Insurance policies are always calculated in full calendar days to ensure you are covered for the full trip even if you pick up early or drop off late!

Our Rental Guides explain how everything works.
Yes. You are covered up to the policy limit for each individual incident.

Our Rental Guides explain how everything works.
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