Can I use a single plan for multiple rentals or multiple countries?

Our policies can only be used to cover one rental vehicle. The only exception is if your rental company replaces the vehicle, in which case your existing policy will still work.

Our Collision Damage Insurance (CDI) policy for US residents permits you to drive the vehicle in Canada if it was collected in the US. The same applies for SLI unless you are a New York resident. You can view your wording in your RentalCover Account if you have any concerns about travel in sanctioned countries. 

When you first visit RentalCover you will need to activate your account. Simply find the RentalCover confirmation text or email in your inbox or spam and click the activation link. If you’re having issues, it may be because the email addresses of some Apple users aren’t shared with RentalCover. Instead, you can simply click on the link provided in the confirmation email you received when you purchased RentalCover Protection and update your email address.