What is included with my CDW coverage?

At RentalCover we believe that you shouldn’t need a legal degree to understand our plans. Where possible, we have made sure our plans are designed to help eliminate confusion and help you understand your protection when you hit the road. 

Here’s a summary of the protection you receive when you purchase a CDW plan with us:

 What you get with RentalCover*What you might get at the rental desk
Multi-vehicle accidents
Single vehicle accidentsSometimes
Fire, car theft and vandalismSometimes
Lockout & keys due to an accidentNot covered for US residentsx
Windshield and headlightsx
Tires and underbodyx
Standard deductible$0$3000 - 4000
Usually fixed cost
Total coverage amount$35000
Covers rental company’s excess charges. Refer to your plan document
See rental guides for details
Price per dayUp to 50% less expensive† than the rental desk$10-$30* per day
*Airports surcharge +10-25%†

*Coverage is subject to the terms, limitations, and exclusions of the plan. Coverage may vary by country of residence. For more information please read our country-specific Rental Guide.