How can I save money renting in the US & Canada? Why not use my personal auto plan?

Rental companies sell a policy called "Collision Damage Waiver" (CDW) to reduce your contribution to the rental car damage repair bill towards $0. "Supplemental Liability Insurance" (SLI) is also available which tops up the minimum state-mandated liability coverage that comes with the rental.

Our equivalent plans save you money in these ways:

1. The total price of the rental company's CDW and SLI is up to double the price of equivalent coverage from us.†
2. You may be responsible for a deductible with the rental company's CDW. There is no deductible with our equivalent.
3. You may face a significant deductible if you choose to rely on your personal auto plan rather than the rental company's CDW or our equivalent. 
4. Because ours is primary coverage, it doesn't impact your ongoing personal auto premiums.
5. CDW from the rental companies may not cover damages such as windshields, lamps, tires, undercarriage and damage-related fees such as loss of use and towing.