What's not covered by RentalCover Protection?

RentalCover Protection is subject to additional terms, conditions, and exclusions. What you're not covered for can differ depending on your protection type, vehicle type and more. Make sure you check your policy wording in your RentalCover Account for more details. 

Typically, you may not be covered for:

✗ Misfueling. 
✗ Out-of-pocket costs like phone call fees, cabs and accommodation. 
✗ Charges incurred through service providers that aren't authorized by your rental company. 
✗ Loss or damage to accessories/equipment.
✗ Interior damage like spillage or tears. 
✗ Personal property: we don't cover theft or loss of items that you own.
✗ Liability: please read the Rental Guide to better understand how this works in your travel country. 
✗ Personal Accident Insurance (PAI) for drivers: this is usually covered by your travel insurance.
✗ Annual protection: we no longer offer annual protection. You are however still covered if you previously purchased Annual Protection on RentalCover and it’s still active.
✗ Personal vehicles or vehicles that aren’t from authorized vehicle rentals or car share platforms, as outlined above.
✗ Commercial trucks and vehicles used for commercial purposes such as removal/moving trucks, pantech trucks, commercial delivery vans, courier trucks, trailer trucks, dump trucks, garbage trucks, carriers and refrigerator trucks. For the US,  renting “Passenger trucks” for non-commercial use is covered under the default “Car” type. Please refer to this helpful article for information on what vehicle type to select. 
✗ If your vehicle requires a special license (for instance, if the passenger limit or cargo capacity exceeds the limitations of a standard license) or if it is a commercial van, truck or bus, you will not be covered. 
✗ Vehicles that have trailers, camper trailers or other extensions, with the exception of caravans (see above), attached to the tow bar. Modifications such as bike rack attachments, child seats, additional sleeping berths and more are also not covered.
✗ High-end supercars, high-end sports cars, classic cars and exotic vehicles. Please refer to this helpful article to see the restricted vehicle types. 
✗ Certain combinations of country of residence and destination country.
✗ Motorcycles or other bikes.

Your rental needs to be booked with an authorized rental company, peer-to-peer rental platform (such as Drivy, Getaround, Goget, Turo, Carnextdoor, Zipcar, HiyaCar, etc.), car dealership, accident replacement service or is a loan car from an authorized mechanic. 

Depending on your ‘country of residence’ and ‘destination country’, you may be covered for various vehicle types such as cars, caravans, motorhomes and more. Please see this helpful article to see what vehicle types are covered by RentalCover Protection.

You’ll be able to select your vehicle type when creating a quote on the RentalCover website. Please note that your vehicle type may depend on the configuration of your vehicle and where you are planning to drive. Please refer to this helpful article for information on what vehicle type to select.