How to cancel, extend or shorten your policy

Please follow the steps below to start the process. Refund amounts differ based on your policy, when the policy is scheduled to commence and your booking agent (if you booked your rental through one of our partners). 

To cancel, extend or shorten your policy, please follow these steps:

1. Visit My Account.

2. Next, log in. To do this you will need your booking reference number ending with “-INS”. This can be found in the subject line of your confirmation email.

3. Lastly, choose your policy and select either Extend/Reduce or Cancel. If you booked through a partner, you may be redirected to their site. Otherwise, we will handle the cancellation and refund, if applicable. Please contact your bank if it takes more than four days for it to show on your statement. 

You may also see an offer for a credit note that can be used on future bookings. Please read this article for more information on credit notes.

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We provide protection for rental cars, including mini-vans, pickup trucks, and sport utility vehicles rented from a rental car agency. Does not cover commercial or offroad use or exotic cars.‡