Is my RentalCover Protection still valid if I change the rental vehicle or rental company?

If your RentalCover Protection was purchased directly via the RentalCover website, your protection is valid for any authorized rental company globally except any restricted rental companies

If you have multiple rentals or you are renting the same vehicle at different times or with different companies, you will need separate protection for each rental vehicle and rental period. If your company replaces your vehicle with the same vehicle type, the new vehicle will be covered. Please see this helpful article for more details about replacement vehicles.

If you purchased protection via one of our partners at the same time you made your car booking and have now canceled your booking with them, your protection is still valid for use with another rental company. However, if the partner cancels the booking and protection together, you will no longer have protection. 

The details and processing of cancelations done by our partners for purchases made on their website are not shared with us, so we will not be able to reinstate any protection canceled by them. Please contact our partner directly about your protection, or make a new purchase directly on the RentalCover website.

Your protection is valid for any vehicle type, except for luxury vehicles and any restricted vehicle types.