How do I update my mobile number?

If you’d like to update and verify the mobile number associated with your RentalCover Account, please follow the steps below.
  • Log in to your RentalCover Account and select “Profile” from the bottom left-hand side menu on your account page.
    RentalCover Account - Profile
  • Enter your new mobile number without the country code. Make sure that you enter the number with no spaces, dashes (-) or additional zeroes.
    RentalCover Account - Update Number
  • Click on ‘update number.’ You will then see a pop-up to verify your mobile number.
  • Select the country code from the drop-down and request a verification code to be sent to you via text. Please note that verification codes can only be sent to mobile numbers and cannot be sent to landline numbers.
  • Enter the verification code to verify the mobile number.