What is included with my cover?

At RentalCover.com we believe that you shouldn’t need a legal degree to understand our policies. That’s why everything we write is refreshingly simple. All our policies have been designed to provide you with peace of mind and protection for those unexpected eventualities.

Here’s a summary of the protection you receive when you book with us:

  What you get with RentalCover.com What you might get at the rental desk
Multi vehicle accidents
Single vehicle accidents Sometimes
Fire, car theft and vandalism Sometimes
Towing, lockout & keys Sometimes
Windshield and headlights x
Tyres and underbody x
Standard excess / deductible


$3000 - 4000
Usually fixed cost
Total coverage amount $100000 Car value
Minus exclusions
Price per day 50% cheaper than at
the rental desk
$10-$30* per day
* Airports surcharge +10-25%

For more information please read our country specific Rental Guide.

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Covers cars/vans/SUVs/4x4s etc. of 1-9 passengers that don't need special licenses or aren't for commercial or off-road use.