Why use RentalCover.com?

Since 2014 we’ve specialised in providing customers with cover that’s up to 50% cheaper than what you’ll be offered at the rental desk. We provide full protection for rental cars, 4x4s, campervans, minibuses and motorhomes.

Our policies are valid for any rental vehicle anywhere in the world and we have no hidden exclusions. We offer significant savings compared to the rates charged by rental companies and all RentalCover.com policies include the following as standard:

RentalCover - Peace of mind rental insurance RentalCover insurance RentalCover best price

Additional drivers

Unlike other companies, we cover additional drivers for free if they are nominated on your rental agreement

No common exclusions

You won’t find any common exclusions in our policies, such as tyres or windscreens

Zero excess

We refund approved claims in full, including all excess deductible fees

Speedy claim repayments

If you make a claim we will refund you as quickly as possible - on average within three business days.

Global cover

Our insurance policies are authorised by top-rated underwriters.


RentalCover small car RentalCover support RentalCover best price
Global cover Global partners and underwriters Global refund
Your cover is customised to your destination and country of origin Our wide network allows us to bring you the best cover at the best price Claims are refunded in your local currency

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Covers cars/vans/SUVs/4x4s etc. of 1-9 passengers that don't need special licenses or aren't for commercial or off-road use.