How to cancel your cover before your trip has started

We understand that even the best made plans sometimes change and you have to cancel your policy.

If you purchased a policy from one of our partners, you can cancel your policy up to the time of pick-up to receive a full refund. For policies directly purchased from, you can cancel your policy at any time the day before pick-up to receive a full refund.

To check if refunds are available after that, please check your policy wording.

To cancel, extend or shorten your cover please follow these steps:

1. Visit My Account.

2. Next login. To do this you will need your booking reference number which ends with “-INS”, this can be found in the subject line of your confirmation email.

3. Lastly, choose your policy and select either Extend / Reduce Cover dates or Cancel. We will then immediately process your refund. Please note that most international transfers complete within one to four business days.

Once your policy is canceled a refund is automatically issued and we can't reverse the process. If you would like to  reinstate your insurance, please simply re-purchase the policy. 

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Coverage for vehicles with less than 9 seats (including driver). Excludes luxury/exotic cars.*