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How Does The Free Roadside Assistance Work for USA Policies?

As outlined in the USA FAQ, the insurance options for the USA are different to most of the UK/EU and Australia/NZ and Asia. Because US rentals sold to international travelers generally include zero deductible (i.e. no excess payable in the event of an accident), you will be offered optional roadside assistance at the rental desk.

The roadside assistance offered by the rental companies costs $5-10 per day at the rental desk and it provides coverage to basic costs like some fuel and sometimes a tyre or battery change.

We take it a step further and provide a better value roadside product that provides coverage to every type of cost that you would incur including towing, impound fees, key replacement, battery and windscreens/tyres/light repair or replacement and of course, the call out fee and any other repairs. You can also claim any unused portion of your travel caused by an early termination of your rental. We also provide coverage to extra costs that are applied by rental companies as a result of your incident, mainly credit card fees, "administration"/processing fees and "loss of use" fees (the rental companies recover any income lost while the vehicle is off the road being fixed).

Important: Roadside Assistance's roadside assistance partner is Urgently, the #1 rated roadside assistance network in North America. Urgently Hotline Number is in our app (available in Apple and Android) and in your confirmation emails. Please follow the instructions carefully - if you don't use Urgently then you risk overpaying. We pay Urgently bills ourselves whereas the rental company's roadside operator will charge you then you would make a claim and get reimbursed for those costs and any other "out of pocket" costs.

What To Do If You Have An Emergency Breakdown

Urgently Freecall Hotline: The phone number is in your email confirmation and via our app (Apple and Android). We pay Urgently costs on your behalf whereas we reimburse roadside costs that you would pay to the rental company.

Emergencies On The Road: What to do depends on the type of damage/accident/breakdown!

  • Accident/Damage: Call rental company and ask if you can use your preferred towing company (Urgently) rather than theirs. If approved you need to know the delivery point, then call Urgently. 
  • Battery: Call Urgently.
  • Fuel: Call Urgently.
  • Headlights, other lights: Call Urgently.
  • Key loss or keys locked in car: Call Urgently.
  • Mechanical issue: Call rental company and ask if you can use your preferred towing company. If approved you need to know the dropoff point. Then call Urgently.
  • Tyres: Call Urgently.
  • Windscreens: Call rental company and ask if you can use your preferred towing company. If approved you need to know the dropoff point. Then call Urgently.

When you call Urgently:

  1. You will need your reference number that ends with "INS".
  2. Urgently will send a tow truck.
  3. You will meet the tow truck and if towing is required, go to the delivery point with them.
  4. We pay the Urngetly costs on your behalf.

Visit if you end up paying a bill to the rental company for roadside or other costs. We highly recommend downloading our app from the Appstore and Android so that you have the above info handy!

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