What to do if your plan is refused at the rental desk, or "it is not recognized"?

Follow the tips below to avoid the hassle and have a safe, stress-free trip. There’s more details in our Rental Guides.

1. Your RentalCover.com plan is valid

If you are told by the rental company that they don’t recognize your RentalCover.com plan, don’t worry: They don’t need to! Our plans are an independent alternative to the rental company’s offerings and they are valid worldwide. They are up to 50% less expensive than what the rental company offers. If your rental company refuses to give you a vehicle based on using our plan instead of their offer, we recommend speaking to your rental booking agent.

2. Be prepared

Have all required documents ready for your check-in and take a look at your country’s Rental Guide so you know what to expect at the rental desk.

3. Be confident

In buying a plan from us, you have chosen to be insured by a fully underwritten, global distributor of insurance products with a proven track record of assessing claims in a timely fashion - on average within three business days. We have been doing this since 2014 and our customers rate us "excellent" on consumer review website, TrustPilot.com.

4. If they still refuse to give you a vehicle

If for any reason your rental company refuses to give you a vehicle we recommend speaking to your rental booking agent

† We compared the costs of collision damage protection via RentalCover.com to the average cost of collision or loss damage waivers (including taxes and fees) for a one week rental (December 11 - 17, 2016). Cost comparison is in U.S. dollars and is based on online quotes provided by Alamo, Avis and Hertz for an airport pickup and drop-off of a compact car in Boston, Dallas, Las Vegas, Orlando, and Portland for a U.S resident over age 25. No discounts applied.
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Coverage for vehicles with less than 9 seats (including driver). Excludes luxury/exotic cars.*