I have canceled or shortened my policy. When will I receive my refund?

Refund processing times for our plans can differ based on where you booked. If you canceled or shortened your plan through your RentalCover Account, the refund should show on your bank or credit card statement within 4 days. It may take between 7 and 21 days if you canceled or shortened your plan through our partners. If it’s taking longer, please contact your bank or our partner.

When you first visit RentalCover you will need to activate your account. Simply find the RentalCover confirmation text or email in your inbox or spam and click the activation link. If you’re having issues, it may be because the email addresses of some Apple users aren’t shared with RentalCover. Instead, you can simply click on the link provided in the confirmation email you received when you purchased RentalCover Protection and update your email address.
Read this article for step-by-step instructions on how to cancel or modify your policy.