Why was my price beat request refused?

We will always aim to price-beat like-for-like insurance quotes. However, your price-beat request can be denied for the following reasons:
  • The quote is from CarInsuRent. 
  • Iceland is the destination country.
  • You’re a US resident.
  • You’re a non-UK resident requesting a price beat for Eversure. Eversure is valid for UK residents only.
  • Any required details were missing from your request.
  • Your request was submitted less than two business days before your pickup date.
  • The quote provides less protection than offered by RentalCover. For example, if the third-party quote has a lower coverage limit, charges a deductible, charges an extra cost for additional drivers and more.
  • You’re purchasing Supplemental Liability Insurance (SLI) for US-based vehicle rentals.
  • The policy was purchased from our approved partner websites. Our partners control their own car and protection packaging and pricing.
  • Quote details do not match your trip details. For example, the vehicle type or protection type does not match. 
  • You have active RentalCover credit. We cannot combine two or more promotional offers.
  • You’ve already purchased RentalCover Protection. We cannot price beat post-purchase.
  • Certain combinations of ‘country of residence’ and ‘destination country’. For example, a Canadian resident traveling to the US with Collision Damage Insurance (CDI).
When comparing plans keep in mind all the benefits of RentalCover.