I found a better price on a plan, will you match it?

If you find a better price that meets our eligibility requirements, we’re happy to beat it. Please see this helpful article for an in-depth list of reasons a price-beat may not be eligible.

To request a price beat, simply reply to any of our emails with the following information:

  • Destination country.
  • Country of residence.
  • Pickup date.
  • Drop-off date.
  • Vehicle type.
  • Link to the website where you found a better price.
  • A screenshot that clearly shows the type of protection you selected and the price being offered.
Please send your request no later than two business days before the pickup date, otherwise, we may be unable to process your request. If any of the above details are missing, your price beat request may be declined.
When comparing your options keep in mind all the benefits of RentalCover.

We offer many types of accidental damage that the rental companies don’t, such as the following (not applicable with “Supplemental Liability Insurance" [for US rentals]):

All types of accident
Windscreens & tyres
Roadside repairs
Underbody damage
Lockout & key replacement