What is rental car insurance? Rental Car Insurance Explained

The last thing you want to worry about while on vacation is having to pay for the cost of a dent or minor scratches left on your rental vehicle. If you’re not careful, minor damage such as these could add up. Rental car insurance helps cover the cost of such incidents and protects you from a potentially massive bill at the end of your trip.

At the rental desk or rental car depot, insurance is offered at an additional cost. At RentalCover.com, we offer insurance products that cover you for a range of situations such as damage to your roof, underbody, scratches and more. And the best part? We offer $0 deductible.

How Much Will Rental Car Insurance Cost?

For only a few extra dollars a day you can get vehicle damage coverage with RentalCover.com. When you rent a car in most countries, the default insurance you’re offered will have an extremely high deductible, often in the thousands. You can be liable for this amount if any damage is done to the car (or they report that damage has been done to the car).

Rental car company vs Standalone rental car insurance

Some of the most popular rental car insurance companies can offer additional insurance anywhere between $19-$37 per day. Depending on the company, the coverage can vary wildly, often excluding important things like keys, windscreens, tires and underbody damage The standalone rental car insurance that we offer at RentalCover.com gives you much greater coverage for around $7-16 per day and has no excess depending on the country you are in.

Is it worth getting rental car insurance?

Purchasing rental car insurance is optional, however in the event of something going wrong, the cost of repairs might leave you reaching into your pocket. In such cases, it pays to spend money upfront on CDW. This product effectively keeps the cost of damage to a manageable amount.
When you buy a policy from us, you pay a small non-refundable fee in exchange for us taking a big risk off your shoulders, and although luck is good, having insurance is better.

What does RentalCover.com CDW cover?

RentalCover.com policies insure you against the damage, such as:

  • Cracked windshields and damaged headlights, theft, vandalism, windstorm, fire, hail, flood or any cause not in your control while the vehicle is your possession.
  • We cover additional drivers for free if they are nominated on your rental agreement.
  • Rentals for more than 30 days.

Read more about how RentalCover.com works.

Why get rental car insurance from RentalCover.com

  • No hidden fees and no claim fees. The cost of fees in case of an accident could certainly add up. If you’re not careful, you could end up spending more than the cost to hire the car! Take out a policy with RentalCover.com and avoid fees and other add-ons.

Additional Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) Details

CDW is an optional service sold by car rental companies that protects you in case you’re in an accident or any event that causes damage to your car rental. CDW may or may not include a deductible - the policy offered to US residents on RentalCover.com does not have a deductible! Typically, if you rent a car in the United States, your CDW covers you for all the costs related to damages to your car rental whereas if you’re traveling elsewhere, chances are that your CDW has a deductible, which may be up to a few thousand dollars.

Please keep in mind that CDW only covers car rental damage or theft. It does not cover you for damage to another vehicle or if the accident results in injuries.

More reasons to get a quote from RentalCover.com

  • Save! We may be cheaper than what you'll pay at the rental desk
  • Zero $0 deductible
  • Claims are processed in 1-3 days
  • 100% free cancellation up until the time of pickup
  • Our policies are available to purchase online so you can get rental car insurance from us for any country of residence
  • We cover any drivers nominated on the rental agreement
  • Claims can be paid in your preferred currency
  • Use us with any of the popular rental car companies

How does RentalCover.com work? 


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