When will I receive my refund after canceling my cover?

Canceled your cover but can’t see the money back in your account? That might be due to one of the following scenarios:

1. You booked via one of our partners
If you booked via one of our partners and you paid them for the insurance, the time it takes to show up on your credit card statement differs per partner. Their support details are listed here.
2. Your booked via RentalCover.com
If you purchased your policy on RentalCover.com or if, via one of our partner’s sites you paid RentalCover.com for the insurance, the refund is processed immediately however it might take a few days to show on your credit card statement. If your transaction is still pending after 5 working days, please contact your bank for more information.

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Coverage for vehicles with less than 9 seats (including driver). Excludes luxury/exotic cars.*